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  1. In AppleGraphicsPowerManagement.kext, it already says "Vendor10deDevice086c", so that's not the problem... weird.
  2. Mission control works fine, but my video hardware tests indicate that QE is not enabled. Also, I can't get any video from DVI, just the VGA port. In Apple System Information, my graphics card device id is 0x087a, not 0x086c (GF9300)... ?? What does yours say? -- update I'm confused. Apple System Info clearly shows device id 0x087a, but I cant find it specified anywhere else. I searched all patched kexts to find this device id, but all I could find was the iMac11,2 specification saying 0x086c, so that's ok. Using IORegistryExplorer, I got the same result, 0x087a was specified nowhere... 0x086c was. Could it be related to using a DSDT instead of the patched BIOS? I tried looking into the DSDT file, but trying to decipher that would take me too long. However, I saw some DVI-related specifications, so that could be an issue...
  3. Hey ugo, thanks for your reply, it boots! I used Enoch-2064 as bootloader and the rev03 DSDT file from the original post. I'm wondering: do you have Quartz Extreme? It doesn't work for me... also, OpenGL Extensions Viewer.app and VideoHardwareInfo.app both show GF9400 as graphics card. Is that ok?
  4. Thanks for your reply. I made some progress thanks to you: I managed to resolve the USB issue by making a new Ubeast installer with 10.8.2. (Previous installer was 10.8.0) After installing, I was having trouble booting from the HDD, I also tried your 03.BIN bios, without luck. I must have messed something up, so I decided to start over. - Reflashed the original BIOS (latest version from Zotac) for my GF9300-I-E (PCB 03) board. - Installed OSX 10.8.2 - Compiled the DSDT.aml found in your 03.zip package with DSDTSE (EvOsX) and installed it using Multi > UserDSDT - Installed 304 NVidia drivers (didn't install CUDA driver) - Applied NV Override patches (http://www.osx86.net...do=file&id=3358) - Installed NVEnabler.kext (http://www.osx86.net...do=file&id=2587) Using various boot flag combinations of PCIRootUID=0, -v ,-x, GraphicsEnabler=No/Yes, I can get the new installation to boot, it seems to work but I get a black screen, as if the video is switched incorrectly. Have I forgotten something? Do I have to call NVEnabler as a boot flag? Also, I didn't understand what you mean with aigpm and aicpm kext mods. How should I mod them? I feel like I'm really close to a solution, maybe with your help I can get there. PS I found a spare video card that i can boot into safe mode so I can mod kexts etc (It's a really crappy card and would like to use IGP graphics) - http://tweakers.net/.../specificaties/
  5. Great work everyone, awesome to read through the solutions people have found to get SL, Lion and even ML to work on the Zotac GF9300. However, I'm having trouble doing a clean install on my GF9300-I-E (PCB rev 03). I updated to the latest BIOS, and have even tried installing with the Gaansan BIOS, but I always run into problems. I was wondering if anyone here had successfully installed ML on this board and could help me out. BTW, I'm not using an external graphics card. I have limited experience with OSX86, so sorry if I miss something obvious. I had a hackintosh when OSX was still at 10.4-10.5, and it seems a lot has changed since... So to the point: - I used a well-known universal tool to create a USB ML installer disk, it has already been successfully used with another mobo, so that should be fine. - I'm using Chameleon - I can get to the ML installer screen using boot options "-v -x", it stops at [PCI Configuration Begin], then loads the Welcome screen/language selection window, but USB isn't working, so that's where it ends. - Using PCIRootUID=1 and ncpi=0x3000, I get to see it tries to load AppleUSBOHCI.kext but fails and gets stuck at [PCI Configuration Begin]. - If I add GraphicsEnabler=No, I get to [PCI Configuration Begin], then it just shuts down. Any ideas?