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  1. I am a filmmaker and recording artist. I use most professional video and audio editing software. Here's the deal: I will be using the Nikon D600 to stream uncompressed 1080p video to SSD via a Blackmagic Hyperdeck Shuttle. I will then need to plug these SSDs into my machine and back them up. I want to be able to then edit, render and compress the video. I want to be able to process the video with as little as quality loss as possible, so everything needs to run smoothly. No jerry rigging connections. I've read that the Nikon D600 and D800 stream uncompressed to SSD at up to 12GB per minute, so this is gonna be a pretty heavy workload. I currently have a 15in MacBook pro from early 2011 with a 2.2 GHz Intel i7 quad-core processor. I have 16GB of RAM. If I were to get a Promise Pegasus R4 (or something else: I'm open to suggestions) and load it up with SSDs, do you think I'd be able to handle what I'm planning on doing with just the laptop and an external monitor? OR should I build a hackintosh that can adequately do ALL of this? If so, what build should I go with? OR should I build a hackintosh for support via render-farm, allowing me to build a barebones hackintosh and spend the big bucks on extra SSDs. Thank you for taking the time to answer. Oh, and I'm not incredibly rich, so if you do think a hackintosh is a better idea, it's gonna need to not be more than $2500. (If that's possible. If not, still post what you can come up with.)