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  1. Hi I just installed osx on my g6 (its the exact same as urs) here is what I did: -got hazard 10.6.6i -Restored it on my 8gb partiot flex -used "NetbookInstallerUtillity on the USB Drive" Then it booted on the bootloader (It wont boot unless the netbook utility works successfully, because it may not work and you would have to restore the usb again) AFTER IT BOOTS Use arrow keys to navigate to Hazard Snow Leopard Dvd 10.6.6i and type -v -x cpus=1 busratio=20 If it works, then go to disk utility and format whatever disk you want to Mac OS, EXTENDED (Journaled) WARNING: Disk Utility might say your disk is disk0s2 or something similar (Which means) the disk doesn't have a name so it would be much easier if you name your disks (EX (C:) Windows (D:) OSX (F:) Recovery (J:) System reserved) then click customize and select legacy kernel, all other drivers don't work :/ IF IT DOESNT BOOT 1.unplug everything but the charger and the usb drive and retry 2. make sure there is a bit of unallocated space on your drive (shrink one of your drives by 1.5 GB) (Unallocated means there is no partition or format and the space is not being used) This can fix still waiting for root device issue 3. try changing your boot flags (example change busratio=20 to busratio=21, or you can add different boot flags like -s -f arch=i386 and many other bootflags) and if all goes well then would will have mac os on your g6. for kext and other info I have no idea :/ EDIT: Alright here are the things that dont work -internal speakers -wifi -multi touch on the track pad -external displays -some usb hardware -SD card slot -Webcam -Dvd drive doesn't open BUT AFTER ALL ITS STILL USABLE