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  1. surface pro 2 mavericks Hi, yes i would, willing to contribute
  2. I just shrank the windows volume and made the new partition. I left the system efi partition intact, the less changed the better. Here's what i did. Boot up into osx, run clover config, mount and open the EFI partition for the usb pen drive usually disk1, copy the actual clover folder to the desktop. Eject the the usb pen drive, again with clover config mount and open the main system EFI partition usually disk 0. Copy the clover folder from the desktop, place it inside the EFI folder, open the clover folder and copy cloverx64.efi to /EFI/Microsoft/Boot. In EFI/Microsoft/Boot rename the file bootmgrfw.efi to bootmgrfw-orig.efi In EFI/Microsoft/Boot rename the file cloverx64.efi to bootmgfw.efi Reboot without the usb pen drive, thats what worked for me.
  3. Q2. I just used kext drop which you probably already used and is installed, to install nullethernet.kext I used clover config to generate the serial No, choose the serial option only, then save with clover config, then only the serial will be changed and the rest of the config file will be unchanged. You should check your new generated serial with apple to see if it gets accepted before you change anything.
  4. Great glad it worked for you, I'm only using a cheap adaptor from ebay, i also find the surface would not sleep correctly before, but seems fine with this bear driver. All working nice now
  5. I had the same adaptor, same problems as you, until i changed to a new Ralink adaptor, see post 1159, problems gone disconnects and automatically reconnects when inserted. Its just a cheap adaptor from ebay, made a huge difference for me. I now have an almost perfect working setup. My only problems are minor, side volume button not working, think its the touch drivers, and the brightness slider not working after boot, but ok after sleep.
  6. My wifi is sorted, i can now remove and insert the adaptor with no system freeze problems, i have an adaptor with the Ralink 5370 chip but still had problems with the standard drivers. Then i found this link and problems solved http://www.tonymacx86.com/network/114206-ralink-rt2870-wifi-chipset-10-9-mavericks-solved.html All credits to pelado at ********** This is a huge step forward for me.
  7. surface pro 2 counter5th i don't have any disconnect problems the adaptor runs fine, maybe yours is faulty. i do have the same problem of having to reboot every time i insert or take out the adaptor, a real pain when you want to use another device. and as far as i know I'm using the latest driver, that i could find. I have tried a different adaptor with Ralink 5370 chipset, i can pull it out without problems but it freezes the system when i plug it back in, so not much better.
  8. surface pro 2 sleep don't work for me with the edimax wifi dongle inserted, but works fine when its removed.
  9. Put me down for a copy if you can get the ten, thanks.
  10. (surface2osx) Don't think you need to remove windows i just resized the win partition, Are you using the latest files, they are being updated almost daily, you only need to reinstall clover and the latest files with it on to your usb installer. then a fresh install to the ssd.