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  1. So I wanted to take a look into Console to check if everything runs smoothly. (There was a time that my K750 app was causing the Console to register too many errors , thats why i checked in the first place) I realised that there are like tens of thousands of new messages from the time I open the console and a bunch of errors. Is this normal behaviour? Im pretty sure its not! Im gonna post 2 screenshots of my console with some of the messages and the errors in case someone knows whats what Thanks as always! My Hack works just fine btw, no slowdowns or anything else out of the normal!
  2. mogolfiero

    Restart instead of Shutdown/Sleep

    I tried the atherosL1c and sleep shutdown work just fine! So alxethernet need to be updated for sierra i guess!
  3. mogolfiero

    Restart instead of Shutdown/Sleep

    Hmm i removed the kext as well but everytime i want to shutdown for example, the pc turns the monitor off but i can see the mouse pointer and stays at this phase. Hdd led is flickering dunno why. Also i have to hit reset to get out of this
  4. mogolfiero

    Restart instead of Shutdown/Sleep

    Already have that in my config.plist.. i dont understand what could be wrong, after the install it shutdowns normally, then i add my Ati 6770 modified kexts and alxethernet with u know what, run kext utility (which doesnt finish tho) and then the problem appears
  5. Hey there guys! Im running el capitan with everything working no problems whatsoever. I installed Sierra on a new HDD drive to test it out and i got pretty much everything working. The only problem that persists is that it wont shutdown or sleep. It always restarts. Any ideas why? config.plist and actually the whole EFI folder was moved from el capitan to sierra with the creation of the 10.12 folder. didnt need to do much else power management works, ssdt seems fine and intel gadget tool shows me that everything is normal. Only sleep/shutdown funct. wont work thanks will be waiting for a response!
  6. mogolfiero

    AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    Hey there guys! I was wondering, does anyone have a working AppleALC kext for a Via 2021 sound chip? The actual kext on github works just fine with Layout 5 but i just get generic output names under Sound Preferences and i cant really know which is which. I currently use a modded AppleHDA and Layout 12 with DSDT edit which shows me "Internal Speakers" and "Digital Out" as options Many thanks!
  7. Hey guys, i hope im on the write section of the forum I cant for the life of me figure out how to partition a USB with a MBR Clover first partition and a Extended Journaled for the second partition. I just want to create an install usb for safety and the future but the new disk utility is getting on my nerves! I can only partition a drive if it is in GUID Am i blind? Help!
  8. mogolfiero

    OS X El Capitan 10.11 is out ...

    The HWSensors with the "old" FakeSMC dont seem to work. I got no info about CPU and GPU temps. This worked in Yosemite. Any ideas?
  9. Clover is a dream with these updates. Flows right through