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  1. iMessage/Messages Fix-How To

    Yeah, It was working using the com.nvram.root.plist fix (mentioned here http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/271206-how-to-enable-find-my-mac-with-a-fake-recovery-hd-updated/) It really isn't a big thing.. I mean you just have to go into icloud and reenable it after each restart. I'd just like to fix it before i start messing with the Probook and put mac on there.
  2. iMessage/Messages Fix-How To

    I got iMessages working with the new chameleon. But not when i reboot it doesn't auto enable Find My Mac.. I know it's because of the NVRam.. But does anyone know of a fix for this?
  3. Hello, I have this same problem, in a way. For ages I just left it as the default GraphicsEnabler=No (in both Lion and ML) because everytime I'd try to fix the whole 6xxx in info it'd do the Black screen bit. The way i fixed it was to do all above (set the driver kext, Bulrushes, Ati ports=3 and GraphicsE=yes after this It booted into the normal black screen. I figured i'd try different wires.. cause you know, who knows if it's actually going to go out through HDMI or VGA. Nothing worked. What ended up working was hooking both DVI and HDMI up at the same time and have them both go to my monitor. Unplug one they both go out, So that's my fix. after that i set the screen to mirror. in case it woke up on the opposite connection. until i get another monitor.
  4. Introduce yourself.

    Oh hi, I'm frank, I guess i first started getting into Hackintoshes back in the early leopard days, Back then i failed horribly XD (didn't set achi in bios and was doomed from the start) I'm really excited to be here. I now have my hack up and running. Much thanks to this community. Oh and Hi from Vermont, Usa