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  1. +1. Looking forward to this too. Tried it up myself but failed
  2. Not sure, but hey, iAtkos ML just released!!!!!!!! Happy new year!
  3. Hopefully iAtkos ML comes out by the end of this month
  4. Thanks bro! My artifact problem solved by following your instructions Now hopefully I can get clover thingy working
  5. Could you direct me to a link on how to enable clover on L702x?
  6. ^^ thanks for the instructions. I'll do what you said tomorrow and post the outcomes.
  7. Alright guys, so today was my day off and I decided to install Mountain Lion on my L702x! I followed the guide on the first page and created a bootable USB, and then installed the OS successfully on my L702x. Couple observations to note, which I want some opinion on: 1) I am having artifacts. I deleted the files from the cache folder, subfolders etc., as mentioned in the first post. The artifacts go away, but return after some time and when I notice that cache folder again, the files have re-appeared and need to be cleared out again. I was wondering, that is there a permanent fix for this? 2) My wifi is slow. It was slow on "Lion" too. I am using Edimax EW-7811Un USB WIFI dongle. Also, the USB 3.0 is not working for me, so I am using the WIFI dongle in the regular USB port. Is there a fix for this? Which WIFI cards are you all using? Can you recommend me a fast one? Does L702x support an internal PCI wifi card which would run fast? These are the couple issues I am having. Other than that it works great. My sleep mode also works and I am using the NVIDIA OFF DSDT! Thanks again to all who contribute here!
  8. Ok guys, I am probably the biggest newbie here, so please I need some help. I read those instructions for installing ML, and I downloaded the ZIP, and I extracted it. What do I do after that? Do I just format the Mac Drive with Mac Drive software and just copy paste the entire folder in the root? And then replace the DSDTs and SSDTs from the attachment in the first post? How do I install the chameleon bootloader? Doesn't it only install from Macinstosh? Since Mcintosh isn't working, how can I install the chameleon bootloader?
  9. Are you still getting artifacts when you play videos?
  10. +1. Noob myself and looking forward to a guide
  11. Haven't tried this yet since I am still downloading the files. I am downloading the entire folder at once so for me it's going all at once. The sleep was working on 10.7.4, on custom bios just so you know. Once I install this I will post results thanks!
  12. ^^^ if you have time, could you please wrote a guide for a bootable USB method? Because we have no clue when iAtkos ML would be released.