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  1. Can you elaborate reasons or potential causes why my machine feels a bit sluggish compared to if it had windows or ubuntu? My configuration is: 2006 year motherboard Asus P5LD2, Core2Duo (don't remember exact model but 1.86ghz, dualcore from 2006), 4GB RAM, 160GB harddrive and Asus Radeon HD5450 graphic card. - Often when you click something with a mouse you feel a slight delay before something happens, maybe 100ms or something but in windows and linux it is definitely more instant. - Rendering of web page content feels much slower than with the same machine and linux. Both with Safari and Chrome although Chrome is faster. Finder also seems a bit slow in opening folders when you click them. - I have installed with [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] and ######, the only parameter is PCIRootUID correction, no graphicsEnabler on, and I suppose GPU hardware acceleration is at least partially on because I can choose resolution and Spaces/Expose works pretty fast. I also see in system profiler ATI Radeon HD 5000 (although not the real model which is 5450). Otherwise I installed soundcard driver for ALC882 chip but I have installed nothing else that did not came with SL or ######/######, of course a lot of apps but the sluggishness was there even before installing them. So do you have any idea what might cause the sluggishness? Once again I elaborate that two things are particularly sluggish, response to mouse click and web page rendering. Here are my theories: - as AFAIK no Mac has HD5450 so maybe the driver support is not good enough or some vital part of acceleration os off...? - Serial ATA in System Profiler shows "Unknown AHCI Standard Controller", actually shows four of them (I suppose one for each connector), maybe there is a better driver for it (I have disabled marvel SATA so Intel is the only one that is on, and harddrive is connected to it) - PCIRootUID correction causes the sluggishness..? - something prevents information to move between RAM, CPU and harddrive as fast as it should. How can you confirm that all required parts of GPU and display adapter acceleration are enabled and working...? Opinions...? My XBench Scores: Res 119 CPU 130 Thread 162 Mem 159 Quarz Graphics 169 OpenGL Graphics 160 User Interface 215 Disk Test 47
  2. Can somebody confirm or deny the compability of following components with OS X - Geforce 630M display adapter - Geforce 635M display adapter - i7 3612QM quad core processor - i7 3632QM quad core processor I guess that Geforce 650M and HM77 chipsets are compatible as Macbooks 2012 have them inside but how about these sibling models...? How about what do you think about the compability of the mentioned laptops (Lenovo Thinkpad E530, or Asus N56vm/N56vz)... I guess in addition to the listed components the most important ones to get work would be WLAN, Ethernet, internal soundcard and webcam. And yeah there is the 16GB mSata card too at least in Leonovo. If WLAN is not compatible can you get it compatible by installing another WLAN card..? I really don't care that much about fingerprint readers, SD-card readers etc... most important components are listed above.