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  1. How to Make Mac Successes on X86

    Chinese labor will make Lenovo's products much more cheaper than any vendors in the world. IBM's computers are designed for commerce and high-end users; in this area, HP, Dell and sony can be almost neglected. Lenovo, with China's cheaper material, labor, goverment support, and maybe much less spending on environment, let's say, can you image employing a professional worker with $400/month? So, Lenovo will be very competitive in the market. I really hope Apple can success in X86, then Microsoft and Apple will compete, and then we can expect much more from them, including better software and lower price. I chose Lenovo, because Lenovo can help Apple struck the market in a quicker and maybe better way.
  2. How to Make Mac Successes on X86 Let’s talk about how to make the X86, and even the apple product lines take more market spaces. Maybe it will be very funny :-) Here are some of my thoughts: 1.Black Apple and the Lenovo Corporation. General speaking, the leading X86 computer producer is the IBM, and its notebook took almost all the high-end markets shared with Apple. But, however, IBM dropped this market and sold it to the Lenovo Corporation [a Chinese leading Computer Producer Co.]. What a pity, why not Apple?? Or the black art will be merged with the white art, and we could install Mac X86 on IBM’s black computers and sold it through IBM and Apple’s selling network over hundreds of countries. Over a night, Mac X86 successes a half, and Microsoft will cry for losing huge markets! But, the problem is IBM sold its PC to Lenovo, not Apple. How could we do now? What about install Mac on this new black computer adopted from IBM? Yes, the answer is almost yes. Lenovo didn’t digest IBM well; the Black Computer’s reputation was influenced although Lenovo announced they did produce it in IBM’s old way, no harm to its quality, but it’s influenced and urgent need a big corporation to confirm it. The Apple would be the best choose for them. Apple is the Art in industry, and could help them maintain and even larger their market. Apple needs Lenovo too, Lenovo can make Apple’s X86 Mac System seize the world’s market in one single night on her famous IBM ThinkPad and ThinkCenter Computers already accepted over 100 countries. Black Apple and White Apple, for commerce and for entertainment, Max X86 will defeat Microsoft Windows and set up its own space, I believe, if the two corporations cooperate. Maybe Apple can design its own X86 based computers, but it would take too much time and money, and I don’t think it’s a good way especially when there lies a friend who can provide high qualified products as well as Apple’s and much cheaper. 2.Emphasize and Enhance the Java Technique. In my opinion, this is a great key to defeat Microsoft Windows. As we known, for some reason, Windows didn’t support Java Language very well. If you want to implement a desktop application based on Java for all users on Windows can execute, even simply to print “Hello World” on the console, you have to include the jre packages, and with very hard work to create the exe file. One thing is sure; the “Hello World” program’s size will be almost as big as 100M!! That’s a nightmare and drives almost all Java developers away. [How many Java based desktop programs have you ever seen?] But the number of Java developers is increasing quickly, maybe reaching 10,000,000 by now. They need to implement desktop programs and if Mac X86 helps them, they will rely a lot on Mac, and eventually Mac programs will be very richer and end users will love it, both its beauty and its richer programs to make their life easier. 3.Small File Based Database support. From the opinion 2, we know that we have to make java developers happy, but now most of java developers are driven to Server Side Programming, they are familiar with DB instead of file system for persistent storage, and DB provides more convenience and power for developers. So, a small single file based DB, like Microsoft Office Access and its system internally supported driver must be greatly desired. 4.Exe file support. .exe is so much in the world. So we must fully support it to make users change their systems easier and without any lose. 5. Hardware and Drivers support. Mac System needs more advanced hardware, so I think hardware manufacturers will be happy to support it, what we need is a big plan, a beautiful landscape and negotiating. 6. preparing for beginners Maybe a Windows style or layout can be attached as a select for beginners. and so on 7. To be continued if someone like it :-) PS: I’m not very familiar with the English Language, so maybe there are many mistakes in grammar and spelling. Sorry for that.