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  1. AppleHDA Patcher

    Laptop, internal.
  2. AppleHDA Patcher

    Darn it, spoke to soon, just hit sound preferences and input level bars are silent. Just came out sleep and working, lets see how long it stays on. Mic went back out in a minute or so.
  3. AppleHDA Patcher

    Yes, but something strange happened this morning before leaving for work. I turned on laptop and Mic worked from start. 3 soft reboots last night after I installed the kext and no mic on start but on after sleep. I'm testing it now how long it stays on. Fingers crossed, so far so good. You may have done it for me. Maybe all it needed was a hard boot? I will post back after a few hours on testing it with Siri. I keep hitting sound pref and input bars are jumping still. Thanks Mirone!
  4. AppleHDA Patcher

    Mirone, thanks.. No Mic at the start like my original patched HDA but after sleep this kext seems to stay on longer. I will test some more after sleep if it stays on all the time. Maybe its progress. Do I need dummyHDA? Looks like made no difference.
  5. AppleHDA Patcher

    Hi Mirone. Thanks. https://www.sendspace.com/file/hx5djg It seems your alc269vc version 3 works the best. without codec commander Mic seems alive for a few minutes then goes dead. After sleep Mic comes alive for a good while but output speaker sound goes. Commander fixes the output speaker sound after sleep. Headphone work the best, no issue.
  6. AppleHDA Patcher

    Thanks Mirone. Do I just attach dump here?
  7. AppleHDA Patcher

    As far as the patcher goes, its a great tool. Wow, outstanding guys! Trying out the built ins for my codec it patched perfectly and getting sound working. Fantastic work! However it still not resolving the go dead mic issue I'm having. Probably something else going on.
  8. AppleHDA Patcher

    Thanks Micky. I thought so. Followed the steps but get no sound. Does it work for Sierra kext? Been using a patched AppleHDA since ML, and has worked fine up till I upgraded to Sierra. Still works but getting an annoying mic going out randomly. Strange after wake it works again. I was told by rehabman need to patch a current one. So trying out you patcher, either doing something wrong, or not working for me. Its that alc269vc. Will go over again a couple more times.
  9. AppleHDA Patcher

    having trouble with mine. I get "layout-id" = <1c000000>. What layout ID is this?
  10. Satellite C875 (updated 9/20)

    with a properly edited dsdt and patched applehda..working audio. No need for voodoo.
  11. Yeah i know..sorry but could find that post again.. Again Zenith great work on this, works for me with the flag..
  12. Micky..mille grazie.. I got hdmi to work on my laptop reading your thread on it, in italian of all things.
  13. Hi Zenith432..thanks for the work in this. I finally got USB3.0 to recognize USB2.0 devices. When I first loaded it, devices mounted but caused wake during sleep. So reading some more I used this flag and now stays asleep, and port works for non USB3.0. Great work!!
  14. I have intel panther point controller in laptop. Using this kext my USB3.0 can now recognize USB2.0 devices. However it now makes it wake after sleep. Does one of the flags ,or any other fix for that?
  15. Hi guys been beating my head against the wall on this thing literally... I worked on patching applehda for my codec alc26vc for weeks on and nothing to show for. The only kext that actually wakes this chip up is the latest voodoohda 2.8.2. Everything works with this kext but here is the problem that I cannot solve. Audio starts out perfect, while watching any video from speakers to headset but then after a few minutes you start to hear static. Static increases until sound is distorted, and finally cant hear anything. What fixes it temporarily is changing frequency in midi, but starts again after a few minutes. Does anyone have any idea what I should change or look for? I have tried a bunch of things like node patch, entering device id...I cannot fix the problem. Searching for a resolution hasn't helped. Open to any ideas or suggestion. Only sound remaining to fix. thanks for any help could u also some tell me the correct device id and vendor I should use? voodoo dump says one thing, DPCImanager says another, along with system info Probing codec #0... HDA Codec #0: Realtek ALC269 HDA Codec ID: 0x10ec0269 Vendor: 0x10ec Device: 0x0269 Revision: 0x02 Stepping: 0x02 PCI Subvendor: 0xfb421179 startNode=1 endNode=2 Found audio FG nid=1 startNode=2 endNode=36 total=34 Probing codec #3... HDA Codec #3: Intel (Unknown) HDA Codec ID: 0x80862806 Vendor: 0x8086 Device: 0x2806 Revision: 0x00 Stepping: 0x00 PCI Subvendor: 0xfb421179 startNode=1 endNode=2 Found audio FG nid=1 startNode=2 endNode=9 total=7