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  1. Install on Toshiba A100-208

    I got it to work AMAZINGLY with modcom's start CD and myHack on USB. Goes online and has sound etc. but stayin' at 6.3.
  2. Motherboard to suggest

    Hi, hope all is well enough. Can you please recommend a new mobo to build on for a Haswell cpu. I've done a few hackintoshs prior but have mixed success with kexts—often having to start from scratch. So something new but compatible with DSDT or good support around here. I plan on selling my macbook and getting a iPad (whence the Air2 releases in June) and using the build for music, video and everyday use. The (it's a) Tonysmac builds are getting out of date. Can Thundrebolt cards be added later? thanks, Guitarist
  3. Logic Pro 8 with an unsopported card?

    Chaka123's advise worked. I did have to try it a few times so it the .plist file would save. I opened the .cdr (which I renamed .dmg) with Pacifist. Now Logic is installing...yeah! Onboard Intel915 video.
  4. help firewire pci VIA VT6306

    Hi guys! What's the word on the Via VT6306 chip? Can we get the kexts posted here or a dmg file if you have it please? If it worked for you. Running 6.3 snow leopard here and this in the pci slot. very much appreciated, guitarist
  5. Abandon GUID for MBR on Macbook; how to install

    Yes, I know;) I may try and go the Bootcamp route and then add a partition with GParted. I found some better specs (maybe this will help someone) on a FreeBSD article: http://goddess-gate.com/dc2/index.php/post/251 Macbook CoreDuo * CPU: Intel Core Duo or Core 2 Duo depending on model, with two cores. An SMP kernel with ACPI support is mandatory if you want to use multi-core. * GPU: i945GM (GMA950). Fully supported. * Display: 1280x800. Fully supported with X.org 7.3. * Mouse: Depend if you use an USB mouse or the trackpad. Device to use is “/dev/umsX” (X will depend of device detection order). If no mouse is plugged in, the trackpad will use “/dev/ums0”, don't works well with X.org. My Logitech MX 1000 (uses “/dev/ums0”, then the trackpad uses “/dev/ums1”), works great (see the related chapter). * Audio: Detected as ICH7 High Definition Audio, fully supported, but I didn't test sound recording. (see the related chapter). * Webcam: Detected as generic USB device. It's neither supported by SPCA5xx nor PWCBSD. * Firewire: Detected as a Lucent FW322/323 device. It works. * Bluetooth: The device is not supporter by standard bluetooth driver, “ng_ubt”. FreeBSD just seems to detect “/dev/ukbd1” and “/dev/ums1” devices. Maybe a generic driver for Bluetooth keyboard / mouse controller. * Firewire network adapter: Detected as “/dev/net/fwe0” device. Should work. * Ethernet network adapter: Detected as a 88E8053 Yukon PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet controller, fully supported. (see the related chapter). * WIFI network adapter: On a Core Duo MacBook, it's an Atheros 5424 adapter. Detected as “/dev/net/ath0”, it works (see the related chapter). * DVD burner: Detected as “/dev/acd0” device. With a kernel modification, it's detected as an SCSI pseudo-device “/dev/cd0”. This SCSI pseudo-device is mandatory in order to use “cdrdao”, “cdrtools” and “dvd+rw-tools” tools (see the related chapter). * SATA controller: Intel ICHM7, detected and works. * USB / USB2 controller: Intel ICH7, detected and works. * Battery: Detected, “battery0” device.
  6. Perhaps someone could upload a mbr friendly "official" DVD for those hundreds of us who could really use it
  7. With a coreduo Macbook and the need for more than two partitions (including XP) I'm having trouble installing any form of Leopard. I can't do the official disks as their insist on GUID partitioning and what the heck am I supposed to tick or untick on these patched DVDs? I've tried the obvious choices (Intel) on iDeneb and when getting not far at all after the install, tried everything off with equally bleak results. 'just doesn't make sence. THX
  8. Resolution out of range- NVidia 6200 + AMD cpu

    Abondoned the effort, and went with openSuse.
  9. Resolution out of range- NVidia 6200 + AMD cpu

    Well, I expect it to work just fine, if I could see what's going on. It installed fine but at the reboot the HD churns away and even in -S mode it will make the LCD go off with the "out of range" error. I could boot into terminal and paste in some text if I had it (perhaps). Maybe I should reinstall Leo4all or try the Gart driver? The video mode didn't stick apparently as I said prior. I remembered/discovered that one has to set jumpers to master or slave vs. cable select. I even tried to dial the monitor down in the other boot option, XP, so as if the settings were saved to card, that would help, but not yet... So close! THX.
  10. Just wondering if the pico adapter would run off a car battery or cigarette lighter? Can it get the 12V DC off any wallwart? Love the thread, maybe an dmg/image would be worth uploading someplace. Will buy soon... Guitarist
  11. I've been working on this for a while and search until the cows came home with no fix as of yet. I've spun in iDeneb 10.5.5 (a few times) and tried entering "Graphics Mode"="supported values" but it still wont display. I tried the two, seemingly obvious graphics install options with the current being the last listed- NVKush. Help! I'm not a noob but no egghead either THX Mobo: K8s-LA SIS, graphics: 3DFR6200
  12. Geforce 9400 (GA-E7AUM-DS2H)

    This mobo has it all, so I HOPE she works. That new DVD, if it's model specific is that going to work though? It might get the core going but it also might load in wrong drivers for periphrials no? G
  13. bump Built in NVidia would be nice. Other suggestion would be listened too. G
  14. Anyone else also doing a new build? I been trying to narrow down a high performance mobo for a DAW. The NVidia chipset is something I've missed until now, it seems. Too many of these chipsets to wrap my brain around, so help;) Peace
  15. I am seriously looking at this mobo. Things may be going the NVidia direction with Apple right? Is this working well for you guys?! A board like this would almost make a guy go back to XP, just kidding... thanks a ton, †