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  1. Gigabyte GA-Z77-DS3H Mac Install Guide

    Hi, As my minimac is running out of steam I just completed my first installation: I tried numerous installers, went to several forums... Anyway, to make a long story short, I'm sharing the status here: Hardware: GA Z77-DS3H w/Intel I5-3570-no-K, Intel HD Graphics 2500, 16gb RAM, 128GB Kingston SSD I tried most of the available (e.g. Chameleon, Clover) installers Interestingly it always worked somehow booting in safe mode (-x). There are a number of things to look for. - Install the kexts which are Ivybridge aware: e.g. IntelCPUMonitor rel. 612 - disable VT-D in your BIOS, so far I don't know why but without disabling virtualization it's only possible to boot in 'safe mode' So now I'm looking at a system which seems to be working ok but still has 'minor' issues: - Screensaver does not work, instead of showing the usual 'show' I only get a white screen. - Intel graphic seems to flicker sometimes eg. moving windows, flash in browsers.... BTW, this post was written on this system, it's working ok ... cheers, Chris PS: This is my first post to this forum, please let me know if I missed something.