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  1. Help for Dell 7720 (2828,3D edition)

    Lejenk,Thank you!But there isn't a HD4000 in Dell 7720 (2828,3D edition). It's disabled by dell.
  2. My PC is 3D edition too.Have you successed?
  3. Help for Dell 7720 (2828,3D edition)

    there is a fakesmc.kext. I put a dsdt file,it can load but don't drive it
  4. Help for Dell 7720 (2828,3D edition)

    I find that Mountain Lion can load the NV driver,but failed after dsmos has arrived
  5. I install mountain lion 10.8.2 on my Dell 7720 (3D edition),but can't thi video card can't work. I find that my PC diasbled HD4000 video card and only have GT 650m for some reason. I install chameleon in windows 8 pro. Any one can help me?I know little about Mac. There is my dsdt and IOReg files DSDT&IOReg.zip