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  1. Another success here.. on Dell Inspiron E1705 It recognizes my Toshiba 256mb
  2. Thanks sonotone... I found my problem.. it wasnt the kext but my card reader itself had a weird problem... I have to push SD card all the way into the slot and hold the card like that.. as soon as i release it it stops working I think I havent used it for too long since this driver came out recently Anyways I confirmed that this kext works!
  3. hmm... makes me want to buy a new flash mem lol wow we are so close to a perfect hackbook...
  4. @sonotone: Could you share what kind of SD memory you have? because I tried this kext too and it seemed to detect the reader but not my SD card (Sandisk 256m)..
  5. Sigmatel Headphone Jack

    check this thread http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...474&st=1700 not 100% sure if this works on 640m though
  6. This works like a charm for me.. but when I created kext cache in my EFI booting partition, KP occurred.. I am aware that this is beta but just thought people might want to know
  7. Voodoo Kernel BETA 2 - Available now

    I tried to test this.. but I could not even enter the boot up process after kernel loading.. I booted up with "voodoo_beta2 -v" and I used official AppleSMBIOS.kext and SMBIOSResolver.kext oh.. and I am using Munky's boot partition.. I dont know if this matters though..
  8. Another success on my lappy Thank you so much for all your work Munky!! My lappy has got way more stable than before(have no idea why though)
  9. OMG.. nice work jaysonz!! I have been waiting since forever... But my subwoofer does not seem to be working... is this normal? Thanks a lot!
  10. I am not sure about your graphics card but I think Sonotone Dell Post Installer will solve it..
  11. I think your best shot is kalyway 10.5.3 combo update and then 10.5.4 from software update That worked the best for me...
  12. Kext for trackpad and keyboad are plugins of ApplePS2Controller.kext So you will see them in ApplePS2Controller.kext/Plugins
  13. Hi.. I am installing retail leopard(I made it in a single layer) with boot-132.. but I am having problems I used the basic kexts plus dsmos.kext and when I install leopard, I do not have keboard and touchpad support so I used my usb mouse but when it comes to the point that install partition selection, I cannot choose any of my partitions.. it says that I need to erase the partition I want to install to, even if I already have done that... so... Could Anybody managed to install in 9400 or similar one tell me which kexts are added? Thank you
  14. hey josftx.. I just tried your method and it worked but I only can control my 1st fan.. It monitors 2nd fan though.. just I cannot control it.. Does yours can control both fans?
  15. Same here.. I tried a month ago.. never worked..