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  1. Okay, so maybe I wasn't clear: I'm stuck at install. Everything seems to load up fine (no hangs) but right at the moment the installer GUI should usually come up, it goes black. I'm almost 100% positive this is due to wrong IntelCapriFB id but I'm not sure why, or how to fix it. I just figured out how to change the FB hex value in my DSDT using cham. wizard, so I will give that a shot next. How would one check IOreg without ever getting to install? Additionally, where can I find the proper IOPCIprimaryMatch value, if it's not set properly in the AppleIntelMEIDriver in the first place? Thanks! sorry for being a noob.
  2. Hey ErmaC - thanks for everything you've done with Chameleon. I'm trying to install Mavericks on my samsung NP900X4C-A01US HD4000, i5-3317U I made an install with myHack, chameleon svn2286. using bootflags: GraphicsEnabler=Yes InjectIntel-ig=(00006601 - 0b006601) tried all 11, I get blackscreen, no graphics recognized, same if I use IntelCapriFB=(0-11) Do I need to patch AppleIntelFramebufferCapri.kext? Is there a way to do this without DSDT patching? Because I have no clue how to do that. Any help would be amazing.
  3. Hello all, I'm trying to install ML (10.8) on my beautiful new samsung series 9 (np900x4c-a01us). This thing is sweet; 8GB, i5-3317U (Ivy), USB3.0, 128GBssd, **three pounds**, **15 inch screen** Specifically, the chipset is Intel 7 Series / C216 chipset, with HD4000 I went with the tonymacx86 ###### solution, because even though I got nawcom's snow leopard solution to work, I had immense problems with functionality-- no sound, ethernet, etc. and kext installation was becoming a nightmare, and none of the others (kakewalk, iAtkos) worked. For those who care, in order to install ML with the ###### solution, you must first install the newest BIOS using the samsung tool from their downloads page. Make the relevant bios boot-order and S3 changes, and voila! Installs. On the first boot after install, sound, touchpad, and ethernet all work!! GLORIOUS! After that, no such luck... I managed to patch the ethernet and sound with lnx2Mac's realtek 81xx and an older VoodooHDA, respectively. Touchpad still a no-go, but I haven't actually tried yet because bluetooth seems to work out-of-the-box and I have a sweet wireless mouse/keyboard. Wi-fi is a bust; centrino advanced-N isn't going to be working soon at all (Correct me if I'm wrong on that) Okay, so the major issue: NO QE/CI support. With the latest chimera installed, it DOES actually load the drivers. However, my LCD on the laptop is dark, and the external HDMI port puts out *extremely* garbled display. GraphicsEnabler=No gets me back to my LCD with no acceleration. I read up on the issue in this thread but I'm not sure what to make of it; I've never dealt with a DSDT before and the proprietary phoenix/samsung BIOS probably won't play nice.... Does anyone have some tips on how to get past this? I'm not completely inexperienced here but I don't know much about EFI strings and DSDT even though I know in theory how they work.