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  1. Confirmed using nForceLAN.0.64.5.kext From verdant_Mountain_Lion_Support_Files_v1.0 However i fixed my issue because the MAC0 LAN & MAC1 LAN from the BIOS settings PDF you provided shows them to be DISABLED. Doh >_< Back up and running 100%. Thanks for your patience with me. Sent you a little donation
  2. Confirmed boot.plist includes the UseKernelCache. Did those terminal commands. Got Audio working using VoodooHDA 2.7.3! No matter what I try....the nForceLAN kext will not load. I have installed it, updated permissions, cleared caches but it just will not load on its own.
  3. @Verdant Thank you! Yes, in my boot.plist file, GraphicsEnabler=Yes Strange, now my VoodooHDA & nForceLAN kexts are installed in S/L/E but they are not working or loading....any ideas? I used Kext Wizard to install them, and used terminal to reset permissions.
  4. @Verdant Many thanks for the updated file, I will now work on Native Power Management. I do not have NVEnabler64.kext in S/L/E, only on the bootable USB. Now I don't have LAN or Audio working....ill troubleshoot and see if the kexts are loading
  5. @Verdant Thank you once again for info to extract the DSDT.aml file. I have included it here: DSDT.aml.zip I tried your method of removing CMOS, waiting 10 mins, booting without gfx card into defaults, then power down. Re-insert gfx card and boot into OSX settings. No dice. Also when I tried to access the OSX HDD via Linux, it was "Read Only" so I was not able to move the DSDT.aml file to the HDD. But as you previously said, not having that file in the root should not disable the computer from booting. Update: Finally got the computer to boot!!!!! I added the NV Enabler 64 kext to the bootable USB and I got in. Added the DSDT.aml file back to the root and everything is fine and dandy. Would you mind taking a look at my DSDT.aml file and ensure I did things properly?
  6. @Verdant I cant boot the PC without the graphics card...there is no onboard.. I have confirmed booting into Ubuntu and everything works, the graphics card is not the issue. I can however access both of my drives and i have access to the root directory, I cant get access to the desktop though so I cant get to the DSDT.aml file. Any ideas?
  7. @Verdant The only thing that was changed, was: 1. Removed DSDT from root to desktop 2. In BIOS - Load Defaults I then updated all BIOS settings to what you provided....and nothing works to boot. I highly doubt the Graphics card failed, as I have been using it every since day for past few months. I will try a DVD drive with a linux boot and see what happens. Thanks for your continued support
  8. @Verdant No go =( Edit: Just saw your edit to your last post about selecting which slot the graphics card was in. It was set to PCI, changed to PCIe, but didn't make a difference
  9. @Verdant Still no dice....cant boot with either the HDD or the ML USB...tried all sorts of boot flags too.... I'm afraid I may have destroyed it and will have to start from scratch again =( I have a time machine backup however....would that even work to restore my system after everything is installed?
  10. @Verdant I just checked the bootable USB, and do not see a DSDT.aml file in the root. I do see the Extras folder with extensions. I disconnected from power and removed the CMOS battery. Will boot in a few mins and let you know what happens. Do I need to have the DSDT.aml in root in order to boot? Before I got the system running and booting off the HDD, I was using the ML USB and it would boot fine.
  11. @Verdant I have also tried to boot into OSX using the bootable ML USB, but same issue. Once the OS loads, I have no video. The weird thing is, i KNOW the OS is loaded and working, because i hit the esc key, and i hear the OSX error sound. Is there some way i can SSH into the machine?
  12. @Verdant No windows, OSX installation only =/ I have a bootable ML USB drive if that helps or makes any difference.. I do however, have a macbook on the same network, and can see the "Mac Pro" under the shared devices...
  13. @ Verdant Thanks for the BIOS settings, downloaded it for future reference. Booted with -v -x, still no dice. Everything seems to run fine until the OS loads and I have no video at all. =/