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  1. interested in learning

    hi board, I recently aquired and imac g3 with 10.4.5 on it. Well i'm a long time windows and linux user but only used mac to just play around with. I am interested in learning fundimentals about the mac os and different functions that come with owning one. can you guys point me to some sites? Thanks kira
  2. iMovie and SiS650

    I'm looking for the same driver.. grrr and i can't find it anywere. though i'm using a nvidia Geforce 2 MX 4000 and that seems to work alright. could do better though.. lol.. Kira
  3. IBM Thinkpad 365XD

    Hay i'm going to be getting an old IBM Thinkpad 365XD. Can i install a version of mac on to the small 1.10 GB HDD with 40 MB of Ram? if not i will just stick with win 98... Thank you Kira
  4. Mac OS 9.x

    Hello.. I was slightly woundering if i could install the OS 9 series on to my old IBM Thinkpad? I'm getting board of windows 3.1 for workgroups and i want to try something new..So is it possable? Thanks in advanced, Kira
  5. Ok i spent all night laughing my (beep) off at what everyone is saying about the Mac vrs Windows even those two vrs anything that ends in *ux. I litterally spent all night on forums, blogs, and chats on this subject and well i feel i should get my two cents in. Just an FYI. I run All three OS's out there. though here is a list. WIN 98,XP,Vista: Mac OS X: Ubuntu and debian: BeOS 5. I have tested and compaired all them. So Yah. 1) Microsoft started small then went big. Really big. Like in every living room big. This started with Windows Media Center and computers that could be hooked up to an networked home and be played all over the house. Then came microsofts game console. The infumis Xbox and Xbox 360 . Now I'm not saying Apple didn't try this. They started small to in a gradge to be exact. Thought they are bit behind. They released the Apple TV. Thats it as far as my knowladge goes of when apple tries to be in every living room. Both companies win on this one. Although M$ started earlier. Apple is starting to become logical in this chess game. before you know it we MCE would be opselete . I think i just made my self cry. . 2) The infumous saying "THEY STOLE FROM US" *They = microsoft and us = apple users* even though this can go both ways. We can say Microsoft had the search function for YEARS just like Mac. Except Microsoft chose to revamp the start menu and that inclued a search bar that acts sort of like the Apple spotlight. Except this is Microsofts all in one. A. YOu can run programs, access admin options /out having to got different windows. Although Mac has it were you search up emails and music and other things. Microsoft chose to expand on the idea with there own stuff and not "steal". Mac users lose at this one. . if only they would grow up..... jk jk jk. LOL. I would have to say M$ wins. 3)Hardware related- I read on this forum on page 3 think half way down there was a person talking about how Mac only works with the hardware it comes with and windows is more "customizable". I totally agree. If apple wasn't and total Hardware base company then we would already have os x out for Intel pc's along time ago. Probally back in the day when system 8 was out. but no. Windows wins on this one for being the the most customizable but Mac also wins for a stable OS that runs on their own hardware. Good both of you... you both win again . Now i can go on forever but hey there really isn't no difference between the two. Everyone preferes there own system. and it all boils down to. What exactly are you goin to be using it for. BTW I use My heavy Reading and writing on my hdds with XP on it and i'm running like there no tommarow. My XP is stable as Mac. and vice versa. There is my two cents. *hehe just want to put that in*
  6. system 7 on pc?

    What about anything under OS X? Does that need a rom to get it to run native?
  7. soo close....help

    Hey, Try making the .img file in to an .iso. then install the mac to the harddrive via just loading off the cd. Like JaS said running it off of vmware it installed the vmware ktexts and such. hope this helps, kira
  8. mac startup sound

    ok thank you to the two of you for answering my question. Though I have two more questions regarding the sound but this time. Can i create an alert to play when the mac logs in? Or even if possable, when the mac partiton is selected in my grub bootloader, be able to play a sound though the main speakers? thank you again, kira PS: Can I modify my bios so that i plays the mac sound some way, hummm? Think i can?
  9. mac startup sound

    Hi there, I have a slight question about the mac startup sound.. I was listening to it and i was like "SO KOOL". lol.So i was wondering can i like make my bios play the sound when load it up though the internal speaker... btw i'm running mac os x 10.4.8 on a sony vaio pcv-rx 750 with a P4 Rosewood, I think, with 648 MB of Ram. Asus p4s266-vx with sis chipsets. Nvidia mx400 128 MB graphics card. Soundblaster live sound card. and an scsi pci port.. So is it possable? thank you in advance, kira