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  1. 8400Gs : it seems not accelerated ...

    Hello, I have installed successfuly Yosemite on my desktop PC. I have an intel integrated graphic card, but I'm using an nVidia 8400GS. I have 'nvinject' in my clover configuration, but I don't know if I have graphic acceleration ... The computer seems pretty slow (it's an Intel i5 3,1 Ghz, 8 Gb RAM and Mac OS is installed on Samsung SSD.) How can I check this ? Thanks Carmelo
  2. Help with HD3000 on mountain lion

    Hello kanelip, I have a clevo w550eu, and I want to install OS X. Do you have a tuto ? What did you installed ? Thanks a lot Carmelo
  3. P5B + nVidia 7300GT : screen cutted !

    Little up for my problem ... Still can't go to the install process because of this display problem..
  4. hello ! I'm trying to install Lion to my Asus P5B + 7300GT 256Mb PC. I have tried with iAtkos 10.7.2 and a regular Lion DVD, but after loading, when the first screen (with mouse) has to be showed, here what I'm going (see the picture). I have tried theses options : -x -x32 arch=i386 -f -v (sometimes only one option, sometimes several options ...) Can somebody help me ? Thanks a lot