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  1. GTX660 problem in Yosemite

    I use false inject in Clover. Nothing change.
  2. GTX660 problem in Yosemite

    Hello I installed Yosemite with clover method. Installer can't start without nv_disable=1. After installing I tried to install nvidia web driver and boot with a nvda_drv=1. It's not change anything. OS X loads normally but next I have only black screen. With nv_disable I can use system but in low resolution, with 5Mb VRAM and without QE/CI. How I can get normally working graphics card ?
  3. Hi I'm using AMD hackintosh and i havent got an iCloud. Few time ago one user of this forum find solution how to enable iCloud on AMD. To do this I need a real mac or Intel hack. I havent got any of them. I need anybody who can do this files for me. What you must do to help me ? 1. Have a iNtel Hack or Real Mac. 2. Create new account on Mac 3. Log in to my iCloud account 4. Copy and send few files to me. I need this files:
  4. Very fast boot but launchpad icons are pink and iMovie render is glitching.
  5. I have a problem with iMovie preview. All time artefacts. Any chance to fix it ? I use iMovie 10.0 and Mavericks with AnV kernel
  6. This kernel should work with my PC ? I mean it should support x4 955 ?
  7. When will you start working with kernel for Phenom II ? Are you think i should buy new FX if i want get better working OS X ?
  8. Hi My PC spec is: CPU: AMD X4 955 MOBO: ASUS M5A78L/USB3 RAM: 4Gb DDR3 1600MHz GPU: HD6770 flashed to HD5770 System installed on this PC was 10.7.5. (iAtkos L2 + Combo to 10.7.5 ) Added kexts by me: -VooDooHDA -Lnx2Mac (for ethernet controller) My PC is identify like iMac 12.1. Verbose Mode: Boot flags: No Still waiting for root device. Please, help !
  9. For me this kernel don't work. After read from disk computer restart before booting. My SMBios is iMac 12,1. I install OS 10.8.3 with iAtkos ML2 + Combo Update 10.8.3. With amd_kernel computer start properly. I tried SSSE3 and SSE4.2 version.