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  1. You have to replace the HDD driver with a previous version... There is a post about this somewhere and also a package to do this .... So you install the package, convert the machine and it will boot on vsphere
  2. I'm pretty new to VMware but I also manage to get 10.7.2 run on ESXI ... I installed Lion on workstation, modifiy the Ktxext and then convert the machine to the server . This worked pretty fine, the only issue I had was that I had to remove the ethernet adapter and install it again to have ethenet access. I tried to add the ethernet0.virtualdev-"e1000" to the vmx, but it didn't work. now the question is : Is it possible to upgrade to mountain ?
  3. Hi I'm Greg, I'm pretty new to the Mac World .... I wanted to try OSX before perhaps make the step ...... After struggling a lot, I achieve to install OSX Lion 10.7.2 in VmWaare workstation ... Now I'm trying to voncert the image to be able to run it in ESXi but doesn't Boot ... I'm stuck on the Apple Logo ... I read that smc.present should be switched to FALSE .... doesn't work IF any body has an Idea ! Thanks in advance Greg