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  1. Yes, it is supported after I did "trimforce enable".
  2. Postoliam

    [Solved] z77x-ud5h + GTX 680 Kernel Panic

    Reinstall and reconfigure Clover from scratch, now the system work fine.
  3. Reinstalled and reconfigured Clover from scratch, now the system works fine.
  4. Have anyone succeed with Sierra? I have got KP on boot.
  5. Postoliam

    Apple unveils "macOS Sierra"

    I'm having similar issue with my gtx680, posted here. Any solutions?
  6. I'm able to boot only with 'nv_disable=1' boot argument, otherwise I got KP right before the desktop is suppose to appear. Situation is the same either with system driver or Nvidia Web Driver. Configuration was made using this script and it was fully working with El Capitan without any issues. KP Report attached. Help. Update: Installed and configured Clover from scratch. Kernel_2016-09-22-103209_iMac.panic.txt
  7. Postoliam

    GA-Z77X-UD5H Ozmosis Guide

    El Capitan current beta works well, excluding USB 3.0 (it recognised as 2.0). Updated 22.07 El Capitan Beta 4 is not loaded (due to SIP, I assume).
  8. Hm, I have different titles and just one USB 3.0 Do you use any drivers? Which revision is your board?
  9. It seems to work well. Thanx. But I've noticed a couple of things: monitor do not wake up after computer woke up (it is needed to press key or move mouse) and one of two back USB 3.0 hubs (upper blue couple) is recognised as USB 2.0. Have you those things?
  10. Is EmuVariableUefi-64.efi driver needed for this BIOS?
  11. Not only just me had that issue with new BIOSes. Machine was just accidentally rebooted if somebody was plugging in some USB device after wake up. A lot of people faced this issue after Yosemite update, there are corresponding topics on a few hackintosh forums. I haven't tried new BIOSes with El Capitan yet. So may be you will upload your new BIOSes with FW fix? I'll try it.
  12. I'm sorry guys. I am quite rarely watch the forum. I have attached f16 mod15 BIOS for Z77X-UD5H rev. 1.0 with firewire fix. Be careful, I encountered with some issues when I installed Yosemite with latest BIOSes. I was trying to fix it very long time until I installed the stable one f14 BIOS. My machine accidentally resets when I inserted USB Flash drive or something in USB port. It is issue with new BIOSes, i believe. Now I run El Capitan with stable f14 and it's working well. z77xud5h_mod15_SLIC_FWFix.f16.zip
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    f16 mod15 BIOS for Z77X-UD5H rev. 1.0 with firewire fix
  14. It is like in this guide except overclocking.
  15. No, I switched to Clover. With Ozmosis my machine waking up if I insert usb device, but don't with Clover. I attached my f14 bios with firewire fix, maybe someone need it. Z77XUD5H_fwdrv.F14.zip