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  1. I have the Hynix NVMe as well (PC300 512GB). I can be another data point after the initial debugging (I don't have the time to reinstall Windows 10 and my apps right now so I can't help from the start). Please keep this thread updated.
  2. This post is awesome! I just started Archlinux after many years with Ubuntu, but couldn't get it to boot with Clover. I'm trying to set up KVM to move over a VM of OSX 10.9. Have you had any experience with it?
  3. Got too excited and jumped the gun. Yes, at this point (after having done this once a while ago with the Zenbook UX21A--which was awesome except for 1080p resolution on a 11.6" display is hard--even though it was IPS), I should know better. I just know Clover better as I switched on the Zenbook early on, but that doesn't mean I should have taken shortcuts like using your DSDT. I'm going to extract the clean DSDT using one of Rehabman's methods: https://github.com/RehabMan/HP-ProBook-4x30s-DSDT-Patch/wiki/How-to-patch-your-DSDT Probably using Linux as I already have Ubuntu and Gparted USB sticks. I start another post so I won't hi-jack this thread.
  4. I'll give Chameleon a shot tomorrow--so much has changed with Clover that I should re-read everything (I last used it when it was at r900). And I'm not using NullCPU although I am using your DSDT and plist. I hope I wasn't implying it was RehabMan's kernel--I was just posting the error screen. I actually think it's related to something else.
  5. Maybe it's not your kernel. I booted without cache and noticed this error: Error reading driver 'System\Library\Extensions\FakeSMC.kext\Contents\PlugIns\GPUSensors.kext\Contents\MacOS\' MacOS is the name of my OS X volume. I can try changing the FakeSMC,kext?
  6. Ahh, yes, you didn't explicitly mention it, but now that I read your post again, it makes sense as I remember the parameters. I'm going to try and mess around with settings and see if it changes anything.
  7. Duh... Booted up from stick with installer and then ran that. Seems to have fixed that problem. Now I get an error related to AppleACPIPlatformExpert. Did I forget to remove a text? Am I using the wrong plist? I am using the one from the other thread (the 17 inch started by gygabyte666) even though I have the j063cl, but wanted to just get it to boot first before changing/customizing it. Enclosed is my config.plist and dsdt.aml that using now. You think you can upload your config.plist and dsdt,aml? Are you just using Clover without a custom DSDT? Amazing how fast you forget this stuff when you haven't messed with it for a while. Clover-UEFI.zip
  8. I was able to install Mavericks after I made a stick using clover files from this thread: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/290687-wip-hp-envy-17t-j000-quad-haswell-mlmavericks/ I also extracted the AppleIntel...,kext from 10.8.5 and also found the patch. I copied this kext and others from the thread above into the appropriate places by taking the laptop hard drive out of the laptop by attaching it to a old Macbook. This is a question I can't seem to find the answer on by googling for some reason, but how do I fix permissions on the S/L/E directory and the kexts inside that directory when the disc is mounted on a "real" Mac? I'm getting a bunch of access denied errors right off the bat. Is it as simple as running: sudo chmod -YYY /Volumes/MacOSX/System/Library/Extensions/XXX It's been about a year since I've messed with Clover, etc., so everything is a bit rusty. Thanks.
  9. cyf


    Got to the Install OS X Mavericks screen only by using VBoxHfs-64.efi because using HFSPlus.efi it wouldn't work. However, neither the installer, Disk Utilities, nor terminal can see my hard drive (my hard drive shows up fine in Clover before I boot into the installer). HP Envy 15-j063cl (Haswell i7).
  10. I just got the same computer. Looking forward to trying this! Where can I find the patched AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement? I searched here and osx86, but couldn't find it.
  11. Awesome. On top of that, I bet having both graphics cards working is nice? I'd just like it to not have sleep issues, connection issues, using my BT4.0, wireless (the wireless cards I've used (both broadcom and atheros) have performed less thatn desirably).
  12. Maybe thinking of going back to Windows, and then running a VM for Mac OS. http://www.sysprobs.com/easily-run-mac-os-x-10-8-mountain-lion-retail-on-pc-with-vmware-image/comment-page-3#comment-27590 Thoughts? Most of my work related stuff is PC related, and I guess the next computer I buy will be a MacBook, so I can wait to run OS X as my daily driver. Just tired of not having USB 3.0, consistent sleep, etc.
  13. 1. I presume you don't have anything plugged in that you don't have to--i.e., no external peripherals, HDMI, or USB network or VGI adapters? 2. My experience is that it's not the BT (the BT actually worked on the Intel card that my UX21A came with, but removing the bluetooth kext (I can't remember which, but it was mentioned at the front of this thread), kick started it. Are you running Chameleon? Don't have much experience with it. 3. Did you rebuild your kext cache after you deleted/moved the kexts? In general, there have been times that I've had to restart my laptop several times, trying stuff like turning off Wi-Fi and BT by toggling Fn+F2, cutting the head off a live chicken, dance around the fireplace in a loin cloth, etc., before it booted. Seriously though, if ANYONE is getting a different error every reboot, that means it's trying to work something out. Recommend everyone create a sig. with their specs. Can you post a screenshot or attach a file listing of what is on your USB key? I gather from reading your post that you don't have even the USB working yet. I would not recommend using my copy of the EFI files because your model is different--DSDT especially, PLUS I have a lot of kexts that may not be standard at this point. See the comments I have above in this same reply, and if you are getting different errors, you should really get to the point where you booting to the same spot--though it sounds like you're getting to a blank. I think priority 1 is for you to get Cover working on the USB key. SOMEONE WITH A UX32VD post your DSDT or, better yet, a copy of your EFI folder.
  14. Take the AX88772.kext out from the enclosed file and put it in your IONetworkingFamily.kext. Rebuild and fix permissions, etc. Yeah, once you mount the EFI directory, you need to copy your EFI files from your USB stick into that partition. In your case, it would be /mnt/EFI. Basically, if you can mount the EFI partition on the desktop, you can even drag the EFI folder on your USB drive over to the partition (drag the EFI folder so it copies the folder, not just the contents). I'm not familiar with dual drive setup, but you may want to visit here: http://www.osx86.net/guides-tutorials/19291-guide-clover-efi-bootloader-115.html IONetworkingFamily.kext.zip
  15. Okay. You have two choices. A. Try to get Clover USB key to work first. 1. Follow the Clover instructions to format a USB key to FAT 32 (I don't think you need any special partitions, nor does it need to be GPT, I believe). 2. Copy the EFI folder from my attachment onto the USB key so (again, the whole folder, not just the contents--so if your USB key is named KEY, it will show as "/Volumes/KEY/EFI"). 3. Boot from USB key (look for UEFI entry on boot list). *The good thing about UEFI is that the same EFI folder can work on USB or HD. Thus, once you get Clover to work, you can use the same EFI folder (if you'll note, the instructions actually tell you to just copy EFI folder from your USB to your HD's EFI partition. B. Go directly to trying to get Clover to work on hard drive. (see previous reply to your post). Since you already have an EFI partition on your HD, I would go this route unless you think you'd want to go back to Chameleon--and even then you can still choose your Chameleon USB key instead of your HD's EFI partition when you boot. Remember, if you go this route, you will need to add an entry to your laptop's NVRAM to get it to recognize your HD's EFI partition (instructions were in previous post). I'm pretty sure you can use my EFI folder without changing DSDT. I would definitely try booting it a couple of times if it crashes. I've noticed that whenever I have a new Clover version or do something different like connect HDMI, change kexts, etc., the first boot will result in a kernel panic and thus I usually try and boot it a couple of times before thinking it's not working. Not sure what you need to move over from your Extras folder on Chameleon to your /S/L/E folder on your HD, but if you have FakeSMC in your /S/L/E folder, you may need to remove any copy that you find in my EFI folder so there is only one copy. Don't apply it.