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  1. what custom vbios ROM i must load to fix it?
  2. how i can patch my card? kvonlinee this is a bios problem
  3. Hi , I've this problem http://oi61.tinypic.com/2hdux51.jpg , I've black border the same problem I've also in bios how i can solve? my specs are : processor : i73770 motherboard: p8z77-v deluxe Graphic card: gainward geforce 680 my monitor is the sony playstation monitor Thank you for help
  4. I succeded to boot it by fixing appleacpiplatform.kext , but when i try to print now it gives me filter failed error I've canon mf3010 , and bluetooth isn't working , and wifi isn't working and usb 3.0 isn't working any solution?
  5. Ok after that I've repaired the partition with ##### usb drive i can success to run in -x mode with ##### usb , if i try from chamelon it doesn't work , if i run it in -v mode from chamelon it says that failed to locate fakesmc.kext driver how i can solve the problem?
  6. Hi , i can remove them from windows, however i tried in your way and it 's disappered system folder! so on boot loader i can't see it now . How i can do?
  7. not working in -x mode , no I'haven't done backup of this driver where i can find it? however i don't need vga driver i use hdmi
  8. Hello updating from 10.8.2 I've some problem it won't boot this is the image that appear to me : Processor : Intel i73770k montherboard : p8z77-v deluxe graphics : nvidea 680 gtx hd : ssd 512 gb samsung ram : 32 gb
  9. problem printer

    i tried for 10.8.2 mountain lion
  10. Hello I've a printer the canon mf 3010 i sensys , in mac mountain lion 10.8.1 it was working , but now in mac 10.8.2 it says filter failed when i try to print can someone help me? Thanks
  11. Where i can find at almost dsdt working?
  12. this are the things that appears when i open your software , for bluetooth that doesn't not appear on about of this mac now i connect with windows and i try to check there and i send you the screen the things that are not working are 3 : Boot , i can't success to use chamaleon boot for mac windows and linux can you suggest me a way to install chamaleon boot? Wifi and bluetooth However thanks for your help . [/url] Sorry for the high photo and for my bad english i don't know how put the photo.