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    "Mac Mini" / Mac Pro

    Once again rethinking. A friend of mine can get me motherboards from Asus and MSI at a good price. Is there any easy to install hackintosh (fully operational) without messing with the bios and stuff? Same guy can get me the Nvidia Quadro FX370 Low Profile for 62 €! What about mini itx? I don't see much information on the compatibility wiki. What about boards with wifi?
  2. Sendoushi

    "Mac Mini" / Mac Pro

    Actually that motherboard makes perfect sense. I don't care about the extra USBs but... I was already going around that. For now this is what I have: - CoolerMaster Elite 250 + PSU 500W (53 €) - Intel Core Quad i5 3450 3.1Ghz Skt1155 6Mb (184 €) - this one is making me ... I have to get a less expensive store or something - Gigabyte GA-Z77-DS3H (105 €) - Still wondering if I go with the D3H, it costs 10 € more on the same store - Kingston 8gb DDR3 1333mhz 2x4gb (36 €) - TP-Link PCI-E Wireless 150Mbps - TL-WN781ND (13 €) - Maybe a cheaper one? I don't really need the power Total: 392 € (still too much, maybe if I can get some used parts...) Thinking on using a WD 500gb 7200rpm I bought some time ago. I'm using that hard drive on an external drive as a second backup drive so... Later the idea is to buy a SSD. From what I see on my own laptop I really just need 60gb so the next SSD drive is like 90gb or 128gb. I can wait for better prices on this one. What do you think about this? By the way my macbook is gathering only 6000 at the geekbench when the new mac mini goes around 7400 is this because i'm using a 500gb 7200rpm? Because it really seems odd to me. I have i7 with 8 gb of memory and a dedicated graphics card!
  3. Sendoushi

    "Mac Mini" / Mac Pro

    I talked about selling the insides of the G5 just cause I can only find full G5 on the ebay (i'm from Portugal, I can't buy outside the EU or else i'll pay taxes). I've been checking prices and stuff with a normal case (a coolermaster so i get a good normal case) and it gets kind of expensive. I think i'll go with an i3 (still deciding if i go i5) with the MoMo Gigabyte Z77 (don't know by head which one now), 8gb kingston, a 7200rpm western digital 500gb hard drive that I already have and then go and try the graphic of the cpu to see if it's enough. I already have a Macbook Pro i7 so... if I need some power (that won't be that much often) I can still use it. Trying to make an overall price less than 400$. Kind of forgot about the Mac Mini since it gets more a less for the same price and not even close to the same expandability and power.
  4. Excited with this! I want to build one too!
  5. Sendoushi

    Mini-itx inside Mac Mini Casing?

    Uou loving this topic! Rebump! Ehehe I'm also interested in doing something like this. To have an hackintosh on a mac mini case would be really interesting! I'm a web and type designer and i'm thinking on building one of these things! Since a long time is passed, cost-wise and power-wise... what do you think? I guess don't really need a lot of power since my core is web and type and there won't be games, 3d or whatever around that kind of process. Even If i need to open an image with 5 or 10gb (this really doesn't happen that often) I could do it on my laptop (Macbook Pro i7 with 8gb of RAM)! For me I would go SSD with like 80gb, 160gb (wouldn't need more), between 4 and 8 gb of RAM, wifi of course... About the rest don't really know! What do you think?
  6. Hey guys! From what I've seen, I posted on the wrong forum. Now I think it's on the right one. So, here I was searching around the forum trying to find a "copy" of a mac mini (not the one that got out today, the last one) and didn't really find it. The idea is to build a pc hackintosh that would go cheaper than a mac mini with kind of the same power. Interesting power to run Adobe software like Photoshop (of course that i'm not talking about working with 50gb images). No games, just creative and data process work. What would I need to build such a thing? What about buying a working Powermac G5, selling the insides and buy new pc stuff to do a hackintosh?
  7. Sendoushi

    "Mac Mini"

    Wrong section I guess. Rebuilt the topic here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/283869-mac-mini-mac-pro/