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  1. Sorry, I thought the older links would just bring me to the LaCie site, where they only have their most up to date link. But thanks again! Edit: Finally everything works, thanks for your effort!!
  2. Thanks for your quick response! Simply hooking up a USB 3.0 drive is all I want, so the 1.0.10 driver should be fine. I installed the new driver before I came here, so I guess I'd have to uninstall it now. But where can I download the 1.0.10 driver? On the LaCie site they just offer the newest one. Thanks again!
  3. Should the link of post #200 also work with the new LaCie Driver 1.0.11? Or will there be a new one? I purchased a NEC PCI Host, System Profiler says 'driver installed' (before and after replacing the kext file) and the printer (with USB 2.0) works on the PCI, but my Icy Box with USB 3.0 doesn't show up. Any ideas? Cheers Andy