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  1. VoodooHDA Error

    Hey does anyone know how to solve the VoodooHDA wrong channel error? When i open VoodooHDA Prefpane i get the error "Wrong Channels Number 0..24"
  2. Kernel Panic Help Please

    Everything Was working perfectly for a few weeks, i was using the computer last night, and when i turn on this morning i get a kernel panic. Here is a pic:
  3. Help Please? :(

    Hey guys I almost have my hackintosh 10.6.8 100% on AMD. I am missing a few things to make it satisfy my needs: 1. Not too big of a deal, i just need to enable the cd/dvd drive which is not reacting when i insert Disc. 2. I am in desperate need of enabling Sleep, I installed a kext the other day and it when to sleep after like 10 secs, but it didn't wake up. Without that kext every time I hit sleep, i get a Panic. 3. iPhoto "Unexpectedly Closes" when i import photos, and garage band does too when i try to play guitar lessons. (iLife11) 4. Whenever i turn the PC off, ill lose my internet connection settings when i turn it on a few hours later All help is apreciated, and would like to thank you before hand. EDIT MODERATOR: