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  1. I have the same CPU - i7-3770k
  2. Ditto on the success in upgrading to 10.9. I tried to update from 10.8.4 but it wouldn't work, so i first upgraded to 10.8.5 and then did the 10.9 update which went smoothly. I'm also on the 816M Bios but only running on the integrated graphics even tho i have a GTX 650 on board for GPU calculations. Also, initially NVIDIA's CUDA driver's were deprecated to the Apple drivers, but a day later NVIDIA delivered a new update. Compared to my LGA2011 build, the Quo MB was extremely easy and robust. It would be nice if the Quo MB experience could be repeated with x79 MB's.
  3. I ran 801M for a week with no problems (10.8.4) using the on-board graphics. Then i wanted to use my GTX 650 as a compute engine; this required 816M. Its been reported that 816M supports 10.8.5 and may fix the sound distortion problem, but others have had to apply the legacy found patch. But, currently i have no plans to update to 10.8.5. ( i even have an old Mac Mini running 10.6.8 running OwnCloud )
  4. My PNY GTX 650 finally worked when i flashed with the 816M bios. With the stock, 739M and 801M bios, i would get the same lock-up you report. Of course, the card worked fine when running linux. After flashing with any of these bios versions, my system only has only rebooted once. 816M is working fine for me.