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  1. look like it works ok, i am in it and writing this from it
  2. hi i have marvell 88se9128 chipset on my sata raid controller card ( syba SD-PEX40035 ) and the niresh12495 lion 10.7.3 installer detected the raid (raid0) partition. i did not go ahead and install the os because i have to do something else. right now i am looking into installing the os onto the raid0 partition.
  3. Some people just intall Leopard on top of Tiger to fix this problem. Use Tiger DVD and erase (format) the partition you wanted Leopard on in Disk Utility. After erase just press reset botton (two: power and reset bottons) and take Tiger DVD out then put Leopard DVD in. Do not erase (format) this partition again and use it for Leopard.
  4. EFI crashed my PC

    Nico3d3, Try to delete all Nvidia kexts and then install the EFI files with 10.5 kernel (Leopard). I did not concentrate on the kernel panic but went ahead to EFI installation. (worked)
  5. Help...I'm lost!

    I do not know how others are doing it but this is what i do. 1. I would install hackintosh first. 2. I would install Vista and booted into Vista. 3. I would download EasyBCD or VistaBoot (both free). 4. I would setup EasyBCD to boot into hackintosh. 5. I would restart and select hackintosh.
  6. No Reboot After Installing Finishes

    I think you have to select the right package (kernel ... etc) somewhere near the end of the setup.
  7. Why hasn't anyone figured this out?

    Obviously you are talking to Linksys WUSB54G v1 users and other people do not have this hardware.
  8. Intel P35 mobo's and OSx86

    I am waiting for the same thing.
  9. problem when booting to install osx

    If you can say your DVD drive is supported then it should work. Find out if your DVD drive is supported.
  10. problem when booting to install osx

    If your DVD player is supported then it is something to do with the channel (cable) the DVD player is on. Try again with a different channel.
  11. Please help me install Mac OSX 10.4.8

    This is what I think they do. They installed OSx86 on motherboard with SATA supported and they changed the device id in VIAATA.kext. They then took that SATA HDD and set it onto 775-dual VSTA motherboard. When they boot from the HDD the OS get loaded. But might not all work out because OSx86 was installed on a different motherboard and had different drivers from 775-dual VSTA. OR You could patch OSx86 with this.
  12. Please help me install Mac OSX 10.4.8

    SATA might work with your motherboard but you have do the hard work of patching it. SATA would not work as it is. Here are some details on the motherboard.
  13. ESI Juli@ / Envy 24 with OSX86 - Any progress?

    Hope somebody can come up with a solution for my Revolution 7.1 (Envy24). So far my card had been collecting dust.
  14. Installing OSx86 & Windows Vista dual boot on new computer

    This is easy. I would say OSx86 first and then Vista because once you boot into Vista you use EasyBCD 1.5 to configure to add OSx86 to Vista boot menu.
  15. I do not have the hardware to test these drivers but hardware is coming. I like somebody to confirm that these drivers work?