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  1. smudger1767

    [For Sale]Modded G5 Case

    Hi all I have a newly built G5 case all ready for your new pc build. I also have a clear side window that just needs finishing, all is for sale. Hi This is what it cost me. Here is the final costing: £90 deluxe, £43 front panel, wiring plate £20, 2 x 120 bracket £20, grill (Free of charge). Parts total before discount - £173. . So parts total - £155.70. If you need anymore information just ask. Looking just to get my money back. Open to offers.
  2. Hi all I have been told that I need to install the 10.9.4 Mach_Kernel. But where do I put it? Dose it go onto the USB that I boot from, if so is there a specific folder it goes in Is there a step by step guide? Many Thanks.
  3. Hi all Way too complicated for me to understand guys. Just gona buy myself a ready built hackintosh.
  4. Thanks Artur Downloading these now. Do I put these straight onto the USB that I'm booting from?
  5. Hi I have got Mavericks, on my USB which when I boot from the PC just keeps restarting before getting to the Instalation screen. I have allready tried these commands: @ the boot command PCIRootUID=1 PCIRootUID=1 -x I have 3 harddrives: Samsung EVO 256GB (Boot Drive) Has Windows 8.1 on it Western Digital 500GB Normal Files Western Digital 160GB will be for my install of OS X. In the Bios I have only the choice of UEFI USB KEY But I thought I should have a choice of that and just USB KEY. Neither of these worked I have also tried GraphisEnabler=Yes and No but I just get the pc re-boots. Motherboard:MSI Z87 GD65 Gaming BIOS:V1.10 E7845IMS V1.10 Steelseries Apex Gaming Razor Death Adder 2013 CPU:Intel Core i5 4670k PSU:SeaSonic 850 Memory:2x4gb 1400MHZ Graphics:AMD Radeon R9 270 Any help much appreciated.
  6. smudger1767

    G5 Case 4 Sale + G5 Front I/O to ATX Cable

    Hi Lancashire, Lytham St Annes. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/209854-g5-to-atx-front-io-cables/
  7. smudger1767

    [WANTED] G5 case or other

    Sent you a PM :-)
  8. Hi all I have in excellent condition G5 case with fans and the clear perspex panel, I have also had the PowerMac G5 Front I/O to ATX Cable which is in with the case This was professional done, very good quality: This cost me 25€. I have the .pdf guide that comes with it. and I paid £50 for the case. For more details and information see my post: http://www.insanelym...dpost&p=1498509 OFFERS INVITED PayPal Only smudger1767@hotmail.com: are my PayPal Details: G5 ATX Cable (1).pdf
  9. smudger1767

    Introduce yourself.

    Hi all Just lie to say hi to everyone, love the forums.
  10. smudger1767

    Hackintosh Wanted

    Nvidea Geforce 560Ti
  11. smudger1767

    Hackintosh Wanted

    Hi I'm looking for a working hackintosh i5 is prefered. Will pay with paypal You can either send me a pm smudger1767@gmail.com or leave a message here. Some Specs: Ivy Bridge CustoMac Budget Build ================================ CPU *** Intel Core i3-3225 Intel Core i5-3570K Motherboards: ============ GA-Z77-DS3H GA-H77-DS3H GA-B75M-D3P GA-Q77M-D2H RAM *** 4GB Corsair 1600Mhz DDR3 8GB Corsair 1600Mhz DDR3 16GB Corsair 1600Mhz DDR3 PSU *** Corsair 430 Watt Ivy Bridge CustoMac Pro Build ============================= CPU *** Intel Core i5-3570K Intel Core i7-3770 Intel Core i7-3770K MOTHERBOARDS ************ GA-Z77X-UD5H GA-Z77X-UP5-TH RAM *** 16GB Corsair 1600Mhz DDR3 VGA ****** Nvidea Geforce 560Ti PSU *** Corsair 650watt Regards Paul
  12. smudger1767

    BIG DEAL: asus p8z68-m pro+core i7 sandy bridge 2600

    Hi Do you still have the cpu for sale, if so would you post to UK? And is it $100 or £100 Regards Paul
  13. smudger1767

    Introduce yourself.

    Hi to all hackintosh users I just got started on building my first hackintosh after being introduced by a friend, and now I can't stop. Its totally addictive.