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  1. Hi, my neighbour gave a broken early 2008 24" iMac with a video card failure (fried 8800GS, the usual thing...) I was wondering if it is possible to use the display and turn it into an external display to use with my own machine? And yes, I have already seen it surely won't be plug and play, but I've got time and a soldering iron and I like experimenting. So is it possible? Apple used regular panels with the same conncetors as other brands. So basically, I should be able to use the controller board of a different monitor with the same panel to get it working? Would even a generic controller board sold on ebay work? SOmething has to be wrong in here because otherwise people wouldn't generally say no... I found this (french) PDF where someone explaines in good detail how to convert a G5 iMac into a stand-alone monitor. Is it the same with the model I have? I mean it also has a LVDS connector (like most panels)... http://users.skynet.be/fa835376/pas%20a%20pas.pdf Thanks for your help!
  2. Thank you very much, I really feel gonoured (especially since this is the first computer I've ever built..) And of course, congratulations to all the winners! The Desktinosh is in fact my daily computer and now a year later it still runs perfectly fine, I am so glad I built this machine.
  3. [Completed build] El's water-cooled Deskintosh

    Thank you guys, really nice to see this after almost a year... and the deskintosh is still going strong Hopefully it will continiue to do so for quite a bit more time!
  4. The winner for the Month of May 2013 is...

    Ooh wow thanks very much guys! Nice to see that the hard work finally paid off, and I'm not the only one that likes it
  5. Water cooled G4 Cube

    Coming along nicely!
  6. Water cooled G4 Cube

    How do you think it wouldn't suit the pump/block? As long as you get the right fittings, everything should work (in theory). The rad itself is probably perfect for your build, I'd say the money is well spent there.
  7. [Completed build] El's water-cooled Deskintosh

    Thanks guys for all the votes! I really appreciate that!
  8. El's Deskintosh - Final pictures

    The build is already submitted, if you'd like to vote I'd appreciate it http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/288397-completed-build-els-water-cooled-deskintosh/ Thanks very much for the comploments, I really appreciate that! Yeah... I need to think of something for the mouse pad... Probably goona attach a bit of rubber under it so that it doesen't move. I have my arm resting on my chair, so in terms of ergonomics it's just fine. I bought the copper tube already chromed (not nickelated). Mainly because if I wanted it to be nickelated later, it would be pretty expensive, about twice the price as I paid for the chromed. The results would have been much nicer though, at the bends the chrome is sometimes a bit scratched. It isn't covered in the thread Done, link above Thanks a bunch!
  9. [Completed build] El's water-cooled Deskintosh

    Thanks! Currently like any other stock 3770k as well, something around 13'500. I haven't looked into overclocking yet, I simply didn't find any time But I guess something around 18k should be possible.
  10. Hey people, looks like I'm presenting the first desk mod 'round here? Well, there you go! Hardware: ASUS Sabertooth Z77 Intel i7 3770k EVGA GTX680 SuperClocked Corsair Dominator 1600Mhz RAM 4x8GB 2x Samsung 830 SSDs 3x WD Caviar Green 1TB HDDs Seasonic X-750 750W PSU Cooling: EKWB Supremacy CPU block plexi/nickel EKWB RAM Dominator block plexi/nickel EKWB FC680 GTX GPU block plexi/nickel Phobya 250 reservoir Phobya 1080 NOVA rad Alphacool Laing D5 vario (don't know the exact model) 12mm Coppertubing with Bitspower Multi-Link SLI/CF C47 fittings 2x BeQuuiet SilentWings 140mm Apple PowerMac G5 case for radiator and pump Pictures: If you have questions, feel free to ask! I've got a build log in this forum: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/286557-els-deskintosh-final-pictures/ By the way, thanks PunkNugget for convincing me to finally build a hackintosh It's been quite a whule since then, but you and GermanyChris over in MacRumors gave me inspiration for the project! Thanks for watching!
  11. El's Deskintosh - Final pictures

    Thanks Baudouin! Final pictures Thanks for watching! Finally got this done
  12. Water cooled G4 Cube

    Hell yes a WC'ed cube I'm surely gonna follow this one!
  13. El's Deskintosh - Final pictures

    Hey there, I got another upadet ready! The idea I got for the front was this one: I bought a acrylic plate that has a special foil on the inside. If there is some light behind the foil, it lets the light pass through. If there is no light, the foil acts as a mirror (I got this idea from another build, it was called Prodigy Mirror). That keeps my LEDs from lighting up the whole room, just the inside of my cage Some pics (I already put the upper glass plate on the cage): With the light on: The Deskintosh is finished now! I'm actually typing this post from it I'm gonna do the final shots soon! Waiting for my new camera body to arrive Anyway, have some teasers:
  14. El's Deskintosh - Final pictures

    Put some thermometers in place: Filling the loop Mayhems Blue Pastel - I really like it! Fits exactly the color of my sleeve.. Loop filled: Had actually quite a lot of leaks - no idea where all of them came from?? Anyway, got all of them done. I'll leave it overnight and check tomorrow again. Now on to some EKWB/Mayhems awesomeness: This is how the two parts are connected: A shot from underneath: I have something really cool in mind for the front. I don' really like it the way it is. Went to shop yesterday, they should be done by thursday And soon I'll get my new DSLR (Canon 60D with a 24-105mm f/4 L lens), that will allow me to take some better photos I'm almost done here, stay tuned!
  15. El's Deskintosh - Final pictures

    Thanks!! Little update: I've been playing with the lightning today. Here are some pics: On the pictures it looks way more purple than it actually is. Really, it's just blue, no purple at all... I just fitted a small RGB LED strip inside, just to test how it works: I like it! Probably gonna place a larger RGB LED strip there, need to solder one... I still need to get another fitting to finally finish the loop, I need just one more -.- It looks like the Bitspower C47 are sold out in every shop near Switzerland, next one would be Highflow in Netherlands... I'm probably gonna visit some plumbing shops and check what they have! See you!