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    Supermicro X9Dai DSDT

    Hi, I know this thread is quite old, but maybe someone will help. I also have a SupermicroX9Dai with 2x Xeon 2670. I used the DSDT and the config.plist provided above, made a El Capitan USB Clover boot stick. When I boot, the stick is recognized but after selecting it in Clover, I have a black screen. I see that the USB stick flashing, which means that it is still loading but the screen stays black. I have a Nividia 980ti. I tried nv_disable=1 and other bootflags (-v -x or -f for example) but still no success. Anyone to support my quest ? Thanks
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    Same here as reported before but in my case, pressing "enter" did not solve anything. Unfortunately, no answer from ErmaC on this.
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    Hello, I updated to High Sierra with r2898. At reboot, the bootloader stops with message "parseTagDate Unimplemented" very quickly. Strange thing is if I boot from my backup drive on Sierra with the main drive connected, I have the same message but if I only boot with the back up drive, the message disappears. No matter if I am SATA or IDE connected, same message appears when both drives are connected. So, I cannot plug anymore my main drive in my computer. Edit: r2902: same issue. Please guys, help. I am going to plug the main drive through USB to recover my lost data, but is there a simpler solution through a bootloader update ? Thanks for the hard work Any idea to be able to connect it again ? Thanks
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    I know but cannot say more for the time being. I just have Boot Error, and it is not 100% of the time. It may boot, it may not boot. When I have more details, I will post. As you are online, quick question. I read all the possible threads on the web, I cannot enable the Nvidia web drivers. I own a Quadro 4000, and my computer always reboots using the default MacOs drivers. Any clue ? Congrats for this diamond piece of software. Edit: this is the log I got: Installation says failed at the end. I saw that the log included support for Nvidia Web drivers. I still cannot manage to make them work. r2848 works though (except when it does not :-/)
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    Hello, I do not know what changed on this version, but it breaks the boot on an old LGA 775 config where as r2839 works perfectly. I just get a boot error message, that's it. Thanks for the hard work !
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    No luck for me on r2812 from r2795. "0" appearing after choosing the boot drive and then nothing. Had to revert to r2795 I did not change anything on my boot.plist <plist version="1.0"> <dict> <key>CsrActiveConfig</key> <string>3</string> <key>GraphicsEnabler</key> <string>Yes</string> <key>Kernel Flags</key> <string>dart=0</string> </dict> </plist> What could make the system not loading ? Thanks.