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  1. HFS+ partition error - please help!

    Well, glad you got it fixed, Valyz! I know my advice was a bit late and, apparently, moot. Maybe your disk was hosed worse than mine. Testdisk only took a few minutes for me. -Cal
  2. HFS+ partition error - please help!

    You could try TestDisk, if you'd like to save your data: http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk I made some notes at the bottom of this wiki after I blew away the partition table on one of my HFS+ drives. I completely recovered. http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/OS_Notes
  3. dd is completely reliable only when backing up to an identical drive. You might try Carbon Copy Cloner. It works on a mounted and running OS paritition. Even though CCC is still PPC only, it runs under Rosetta. You might have to first install OS X or Darwin (bare bones install is adequate) or otherwise copy the MBR to your backup disk because I don't know if the boot drive feature is working with CCC on Intel Macs. You might also have to set the partition on the backup drive as active afterwards. (Search for "b0 error" in the forums.)
  4. It seems something is still wrong with Samba connections via the GUI--even with the patch. Does this workaround help? http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...mp;#entry176575
  5. Help with network drives

    There's probably an easier way to do it but I guess you could write a script with the command to mount a Samba share in it (your remote Window NTFS drives). I don't remember the incantation, off hand (mount blah, blah blah), but I'm sure you can google it. Then use Platypus to make it executable and add to your login items. The network will be up and running by then because this technique is how I launch my Synergy client at every boot (networked keyboard + mouse sharing).
  6. [HOW TO] Install Darwine on 10.4.5

    I reported the Darwine install bug here: http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?f...890&atid=526087 Has anyone tried 0.9.9 on a clean system yet? Did it work? The old install scripts were creating environment variables (to the /tmp path) that were ignored. Please report to this bug tracker, if you've had success without any workarounds to install 0.9.9. 0.9.9 also seems to work if you just drag and drop it over 0.9.7, but that doesn't check the installer, which runs the first time Darwine is launched.
  7. This is the one of the first things a Windows user must get over! On the upside, the memory management in OS X works so well, most of the time, you can forget about closing/terminating applications. Just close the windows when you're done and don't worry about the little black arrows. Unlike Windows, you can fill your dock with little black arrows with nary a slowdown. Such usage typically brings a Windows machine to its knees--even one with gigs of memory.
  8. Automatic login problems

    Strange, but removing the ADDN card fixes the problem. Now if there were only a fix for the res selection!
  9. Could you elaborate (or link) on how you messed with the drivers in 10.4.5? Thanks!
  10. OS X plays h.264 better than XP

    Perhaps a VLC devleoper could provide a specific answer to your question. I don't think VLC uses DxVA under Windows. In general, I've found VLC to run better under the *NIX OS's than under Windows. I only use it under Windows when I have a particularly difficult transport stream file. VLC was born for streaming! For the latest hot AVC decoder for Windows, try to find a beta copy of the CoreAVC DirectShow filter (search www.doom9.org forums). Availability comes and goes as it is a commercial project. There is no more efficient AVC decoder on the planet! It does high profile too. Try that with QT! ;( Also, QT 7 is clearly focused on AVC (main profile). It doesn't do too well with mpeg2 or H.263, in my experience!
  11. Intel Mac Mini

    I got one of the very first minis (1.42 and all the options) and it's been a great virtual D-VHS firewire recorder--much more stable than my HTPC using just the Apple SDK aps and iRecord. It'll be interesting to see if the new Intel minis are powerful enough for soft playback of HD MPEG-2 transport streams. My mini drops all kinds of frames during soft playback of HD but the new minis should be powerful enough to handle it. Better graphics acceleration would help too. Right now, I record with the mini and playback with my HTPC, JVC DH-30000 D-VHS deck, or my Samsung decoders. If I playback with my HTPC, it's possible to do "live pause," Tivo-style on HDTV files (play a file as it's being recorded). VLC or the Nero DirectShow splitter have the best transport stream parsers on the PC for this. An external USB drive on the mini actually works better for this than the internal 80G notebook drive.
  12. OpenOSX™ WinTel 2.0

    Yes, it's slow. Bochs is designed for portability rather than performance. As a emulation noob, I paid the $25 and found the Wintel front-end script writer to be helpful but the Wintel support is non-existent! Don't expect replies to any emails to support to be returned. This is not acceptable, given the $25 charge and I don't plan to ever puchase another "turn key" open source software package from them again! Also, the tutorials for Win95, 98, and XP all failed to produce a functional installation for me. They all failed for different reasons. Strangely, I was successful in my installation of NT4.0 and Win2k, despite no tutorials. NT runs faster for me than it did "back in its day." Win2k is a bit too slow for me. In either case, the mouse pointer has some nasty lag and doesn't work correctly except in fullscreen mode. No right click either!
  13. Just in case there are some younger Apple fans here, who don't remember the "Blue Box" Jobs sold the blue boxes for profit, and not just personal, non-commercial, or educational use, as is the case with nearly all the so called OS X-86 pirates! Maybe Steve called the pope too, and was forgiven. From this bio on Jobs' ol' bud, The Woz: http://ei.cs.vt.edu/~history/WOZNIAK.HTM During this time, he started working with John Draper who was working on the "blue box" ,an illegal pocket-size telephone attachment that would allow the user to make free long-distance calls (Halliday, 205). Draper recalls that "Woz's first call was to the pope. He wanted to make a confession." Draper and Wozniak joined other phreakers, one who endeavors to beat the telephone system for purposes of obtaining free telephone services or eavesdropping on the conversations of others (more so the former purpose), who were reshaping circuit boards into the guts of the first personal computers. John Draper's celebrated electronic scouting expeditions inspired these do-it-yourself technology junkies, eager to pull computing power out of it's climate-controlled fortresses and put it into the hands of the people (Daly). During his time at HP Woz met a summer employee by the name of Steve Jobs and soon Jobs was helping Woz sell "blue boxes" (Halliday,205).