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  1. Hi Guys, I'm new here and I've recently installed 10.8.2 on FSC S6410. I'd like to compare if some of you have mountain lion installed. What I have working: - 64bit kernel Core 2 Duo 2 Ghz, 4GB RAM - GMA X3100 in native resolution 1280x800x32 60HZ with modified DisplayProductID-717 - Brightness works with Shades utility - Sound works (headphones detection is OK) with Aplle HDA and modified DSDT from robi62 - LAN works with 88E8055 Marvell Yukon - Camera works on FaceTime only with camera control app - Battery meter works with AppleACPIPlatform & VoodooBattery - Bluetooth works OOB (checked with PAN connection) - 1394 detects by system but hasn't tested yet - DVD works - All USB - Keyboard + trackpad What doesn't works: - QE/CI - Native brightness slider exist in Display Pref, but doesn't work. Function keys for brightness do not work as well - Wifi Intel 4965 doesn't work - Card Reader - FingerPrint Sensor detects on USB, but hasn't tested - Sleep doesn't work Please, post here if you have something to add.