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  1. Mountain Lion on dell 1318?

    It's basically the same procedure as upgrading to 10.6.7 but u have 2 more kexts to back up but in order for your wifi to work you need to back up the 10.6.7 version of the airport monitor file or something and replace it when you upgrade otherwise it'll keep freezing up and be real laggy. Google what the actual file name and location because I don't remember exactly and can't look it up atm. Good luck! So I successfully installed iatkos l2 but the first boot gives me a kernel panic and it has to do with some kexts, that begin with "com.apple.iokit" and idk what to do, check out my post on this other thread gives more of an explanation
  2. hello, I installed iatkos l3 successfully on my dell inspiron 1318 and at the first boot i get a kernel panic something about loading a kext. I'm not sure what it means or even what I'm supposed to do. Can someone explain to me exactly what i have to do?Ok thanks
  3. Mountain Lion on dell 1318?

    So i fixed (most) of the problems I was having on 10.6.8. Can someone please tell me if it's possible for me to upgrade to Lion on my Dell? I can't run iAtkos L2 without it freezing in the middle of installion. So is it possible I could install it step by step from the installation packages, in /System/Installation/Packages on my other HD partition ? If I can, what order should I do it in? I know it could work cuz I've tried it already but I don't know what order to do it in excactly. The installation runs more smoothly that way. Or if there's a way I could fix the problem of it freezing during the regular boot install then how exactly do I fix that? and how do I upgrade from 10.6.8 ? Thanks. (check out the snapshots below to see what I mean.)
  4. Hello, I have a Dell Inspiron 1318 currently running iatkos s3 v2 which I successfully updated to 10.6.7 and haven't had any luck how to successfully install 10.6.8 so if anyone knows what exactly I need to do that wont give me a kernel panic or make my kexts not work please tell! Thanks! BUT in the meantime I want to confirm the compatibility of mountain lion with the laptop, I saw on a site idr where, that it's compatible with both lion and mountain lion. I was originally going to download the Lion installer app but since they only have ML there i just wanted to find out. Thanks in advance!
  5. Iatkos v7 problem

    Well I figured out how to install iAtkos S3 v2 on my Dell and I did a vanilla install on my AA1 ZG5 (10.6) On my inspiron I sorta successfully updated to 10.6.8 using a method i found on the iatkos forum which worked great for 10.6.7 but from 10.6.7 to 10.6.8 I have problems. The computer now is really slow and alot of the kexts don't work anymore, like my BroadcomFix(wifi), BCM5906MEthernet, and the kexts for USB storage. Popping in a CD/DVD doesn't work either. I've tried repairing permissions and reinstalling the same kexts and whatnot but none of that works, still slow and nonworking kexts. If anyone can tell me how to install iAtkos L2 onto the Dell then please do tell I already have both a restored image on a USB and burned to a DVD both of which freeze up whenever I try to install. As for my Acer I have no idea what to do because when ever I try to update to 10.6.7 or .8 it either gives me an error or gives me a reboot-loop after a successful install.
  6. So I have this ZG5 (AOA150)...

    What were the selections you made to install this on your acer? because I've tried different settings guessing around and I have no idea what to checkoff.
  7. Iatkos v7 problem

    I successfully installed iAtkos v7 on my Dell Inspiron 1318 the working kexts i installed were the BRCM43xx (for the wireless) and the PS2 for the trackpad and mouse. The configuration for the Graphics card wasn't exactly right, but i got it under the right resolution and hooked it up with the VGA cable that goes to my Vizio TV and unplugged it a couple times until the screen show up on the laptop. me being an idiot, tried to install Snow Leopard because I wanted to be updated to at least that version(if i could upgrade to Lion or Mountain Lion even better). The problem was I tried to install it over the partition that already had iAtkos v7 on it. It stopped and gave me an error about a quarter of the way through. I ended it and tried to start the installer up by booting it from the external HD I have it on. It didn't work. So I tried to boot normally back into the mac partition and it kept getting stuck on the grey apple screen with no loading circle. I then booted into verbose mode and I got this I'm very new to this hackintosh stuff so If anyone could please explain in detail how I can fix this, or better yet install SL, I'd greatly appreciate it.