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  1. Gabechrism

    Vanilla boot screen and native resolutions.

    Yeah man gotta love it. I am surprised it only really took me a good 20 minutes to get used to how tiny everything was plus it behaves as a retina display in OS X. Currently I am running it scaled down to 3008x1692 and playing Sleeping Dogs (Feral Interactive very recently released a Mac port of the definitive edition)
  2. Gabechrism

    Vanilla boot screen and native resolutions.

    Good looking out man i'm sure this'll come in handy down the road but I don't tink it relates to my issue. I think it is simply the display as I can't get the native 3840x2160 to work with any bootloader. Even Windows own efi is running at 1024x768
  3. Gabechrism

    Vanilla boot screen and native resolutions.

    I have some concerns over a lack of a progress bar under the Apple.
  4. Gabechrism

    Vanilla boot screen and native resolutions.

    Do let me know if you remember or find out how to do it in Clover. I appreciate the detail you went into, very enlightening.
  5. Gabechrism

    Vanilla boot screen and native resolutions.

    Well yes of course. They are working beautifully. I've also edited the original topic header to clarify.
  6. So I was looking at my Macs (The real kind) and noticed something I hadn't paid attention to before and that being that using Clover on my Hackintosh with 10.10 or higher (I am using 10.11.4) we in Hackintosh land see a black background in the boot screen (Apple logo, progress bar) as opposed to the more Vanilla kind you get on a native Mac EFI (grey/white background) in the real deal. Is there any way to get that? And a little side note if there's a fix for native resolution within clover when it comes to my setup that'd be pretty nice to know (Samsung UD series 28" 4K/UHD monitor, Gigabyte Z97X-SLI mobo and GTX 970) Everyone loves a non stretched apple
  7. Gabechrism

    CPUPM problems on a ich7 and sandy CPU

    I've got c and p states generation on. Same problem
  8. Gabechrism

    Acer Aspire V3-571G installation boot problem

    You do have the choice it's simply changing switchable to integrated in the bios
  9. I'm using an Acer Aspire V3-571G with a ICH7 series motherboard (panther point/ivy bridge) and a sandy bridge i7 2630QM 2.00GHz (you can probably see why I want turbo boost) and I'm running OS 10.10 Yosemite. I've tried the 10.9.0 patched kext. The result of installing that is booting seems to work up until the end where I get "p-state stepper error 18 at step 35 in context 2 on CPU 0" then a long pause and kernel panic due to the CPU power management kext so some but obviously not great progress. It's a problem that's been troubling me for quite a while and I would very much appreciate some assistance. Also is it possible to pop an ivy bridge CPU in there given the 7 series chip set and if so in what ways would I benefit if I would at all?