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    OS X SL in VMWare

    I know about that. I have a Snow Leopard image ;-)
  2. jasper580

    OS X SL in VMWare

    OK, let's make the question different: I know I can run OS X in VMWare 8, but after the update, my vmx won't start, saying you need Intel VT-x, what I probably patched in 8. Is that possible in 9, too?
  3. Hi folks, So, here is the deal: I have a computer with VMWare Workstation 9 and a retail Snow Leopard image. The computer runs a 32 bits Windows 7 version, and the processor (Intel Core 2 Quad @2.33GhZ) is not supporting Intel VT-x. Is it possible to install my Snow Leopard in VMWare? Thx in advance!