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  1. you are using sata interfaces so your devices wont show up under ata unless you use ide and not raid unless you are using apple raid. the kext he is talking about is located in \system\library\extentions\ its called AppleAHCIPort.kext , copy it to you desktop like he said. then right click and choose show package contents.and edit the plist file in there like he said. get the raid device id from windows and add it into your plist. also check around the forum, there are dell install packs and one of them might have an AppleAHCIPort.kext to sort out your issue
  2. doesnt seem to have that option for just ahci, try talking to dell or searching in the forum on dell tutorials for other dell systems. that kext wouldnt help you since its the intel chipset you are running on. i recommend either stick with ata for both, keep switching or buy a cheap controller to use for mac so you dont have to do the switching.. try this one in the link below it less that 30 bucks but works Rosewill RC-211 Driver for Leopard i wanted raid across the board so i went with a rocketraid 2640x4 sas card,, its about 160 but you get raid for mac and windows.
  3. there isnt enough usefull information in your post to help. i dont have a dell so am not sure what chipset your systems is based on. list your chipset info so we have a better idea what raid it is. what i know is mac likes AHCI but will work in ata too and not raid on intel ICH chipsets, windows works great on it but if windows is installed on a raid enabled chipset in the bios you have re-install/repair for it to work when you set it to AHCI in the bios after.
  4. make chameleon is installed on the mac hdd. then install grub to the linux disk and edit the menu to match the new setup and they should work. right now with the entry i advised its passing the boot back to itself since grub it on the mac hdd which is where we r pointing it to chainboot, thats my assumption. so say the ubuntu hdd is first and mac second in bios try this menu.lst example title Ubuntu 8.10, kernel 2.6.27-9-generic uuid c3a2d733-f36f-4cc7-a024-356ffa75019b kernel /vmlinuz-2.6.27-9-generic root=UUID=3e4ee47a-c1e2-47c1-aa14-67b2896ebf6b ro quiet splash initrd /initrd.img-2.6.27-9-generic quiet title Ubuntu 8.10, kernel 2.6.27-9-generic (recovery mode) uuid c3a2d733-f36f-4cc7-a024-356ffa75019b kernel /vmlinuz-2.6.27-9-generic root=UUID=3e4ee47a-c1e2-47c1-aa14-67b2896ebf6b ro single initrd /initrd.img-2.6.27-9-generic title Ubuntu 8.10, memtest86+ uuid c3a2d733-f36f-4cc7-a024-356ffa75019b kernel /memtest86+.bin quiet title Leopard rootnoverify (hd1,0) makeactive chainloader (hd1)+1
  5. try title Leopard rootnoverify (hd0,0) makeactive chainloader (hd0)+1
  6. switch the hdd's around so the linux is the first and install grub on it then reinstall install chameleon on the mac hdd. make changes to the grub menu to match new setup. also post your menu.lst so people can help good luch
  7. i may be wrong but i think it should be; rootnoverify (hd2,1) ## not sure if you need the noverify but mine just works with it## makeactive chainloader (hd2)+1 ##this if am not mistaken passes booting to the efi bootloader so install the on your mac partition for it to work###
  8. nama2g

    ACPI (DSDT) Patcher for BIOS and AML

    koalala, nice work someday with work like this all we will need to do is install from retail without a single thing added or removed from the install. i have a gigabyte ep45-dq6 with an nvidia 8800gtx flashed to quadro fx5600, so do i choose generic nvidia for video? also is the 889a sound working without any additional kext with the bios patch? sorry i just saw this thread last night and it all hasnt sunk in yet. thanks
  9. am happy with Giorgio's method, no need to move anything to the linux partition.just install boot loader on mac partition and add entries into grub as seen in his example or my working munu.lst file and it works just fine and simple. way simpler than moving the boot0 files around. am currently using pc-efi_v9
  10. easier soultion here thanks to Giorgio-multi, worked perfect for me, not additions needed just edit grub menu to add the macos entry
  11. thanks Giorgio, works perfect here is my grub confing menu.lst; and it works like a charm for all entries #boot=/dev/sda default=1 timeout=5 splashimage=(hd0,2)/boot/grub/splash.xpm.gz #hiddenmenu title Fedora ( root (hd0,2) kernel /boot/vmlinuz- ro root=UUID=c55cea4b-473f-4652-84f1-0d9d9f25341d rhgb quiet vga=0x318 initrd /boot/initrd- title Vista Ultimate SP1 x64 rootnoverify (hd2,0) chainloader +1 title Leopard 10.5.6 (PC_EFI_v9) rootnoverify (hd2,1) makeactive chainloader (hd2)+1 title OSX Recovery rootnoverify (hd1,0) makeactive chainloader (hd1)+1 title Windows Se7en x64 beta1 rootnoverify (hd2,2) chainloader +1 title Fedora ( root (hd0,2) kernel /boot/vmlinuz- ro root=UUID=c55cea4b-473f-4652-84f1-0d9d9f25341d rhgb quiet initrd /boot/initrd-
  12. nama2g

    ROCKETRAID 2310 - 4gb ram

    am using the drive on the cd and ben running fine on 10.5.6 ratail with a few added kexts. mac and vista are loving my arrays in raid0 and raid5
  13. nama2g

    ROCKETRAID 2310 - 4gb ram

    dont use the drivers on their site for vista, they are a pain in the butt. the 2008 driver on the site will work to install vista but you will keep gettin random bluescreens and speed issues. i had that problem for the first 2 days till i reverted to the stock drivers on the disc. they work like a charm for both vista64 and mac leopard 10.5.6. i recommend installing from a running system ie on another disk then prepare and install leo on the rr2640x4, do whatever patching you would usually do then copy the rr2640 kext from the pkg and install it on the raid0 on the array((or use pacifist to install the pkg to the raid array as the installer on leo wont let u install on another drive)) .(if kextcache isnt built on first boot it will say wating for boot device but the -f switch will do the trick) am currently running Leo and vista64 in seperate raid0 arrays plus raid 5 for storage. working on getting fedora 10 to work. pain inthe butt too. i might have to dd once install the driver on another disc. by the way am running 4 seagate 7200.11 500gb hdd's on it...goodluck
  14. heyyy Munky, whats the timeline to the chameleon release, do you know?
  15. nama2g

    OSX86 on Intel P45 chipset?

    anyone know if the Silicon Image Sil5723 controller in speeding hdd on these p5q boards works with mac osx?