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  1. So, I notice a LOT of ad/tracking etc sites in that area popping up on each page refresh or access as well. I'm confident it's not malware on my end as I have just re-installed windows on this machine and have not visited any sites with questionable content. I have Vipre Internet security installed (which has not let me down once in the past 4 years I have used it) I am going to try using internet explorer (even though I hate the latest version) to see if I get the same results. Could it be one of your advertisers code causing this? I dislike very much the whole ads on the net thing and this weirdness is one of the reasons why. I don't ask to given info based on my search habits, I just want the info I directly ask for and the whole internet tracking thing has gotten way out of hand with that. I dropped Google as my home page when they changed their policy last January as after that change over, my searches yielded less results on the first page than before. No, it isn't the same but if you try to put that string as a URL in a browser, it comes back as "The connection was reset". That is definately script related to cause that.
  2. Ok, here is a screen shot of your reply and and what pops up on the bottom left of my firefox browser where is shows the URLS being accessed as the new page loads
  3. Every page I visit on this site causes my browser to stall trying to access c.localhost.com. Why is this. It is extremely annoying - if I try typing anything before it finishes it's timeout, then everything I've typed disappears once the timeout has been reached. Almost seems like an attempt to gain access to my machine! Anyone up for explaining this?