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  1. Hi, I got few problems with my ESXi. I'm using ESXi 5.1 and trying to run unlock downloaded from this forum. When I'm running it i got something as seen below. /vmfs/volumes/505cacad-7c983265-ea01-000c29d08428/unlock-all-v110/esxi # ./insta ll.sh VMware ESXi 5.0 Unlocker 1.1.0 ============================== Copyright: Dave Parsons 2011-12 Patching files... Patching bin/vmx File mapped @0x3ffd31ae010 length 16877808 Found OSK0 @ 0x3ffd3bab225 Found OSK1 @ 0x3ffd3bab25d Found SRVR @ 0x3ffd3bef2c6 Patching bin/vmx-debug File mapped @0x3ffd31ae010 length 21344208 Found OSK0 @ 0x3ffd3cd7a65 Found OSK1 @ 0x3ffd3cd7a9d Found SRVR @ 0x3ffd3d1c406 Patching bin/vmx-stats File mapped @0x7416d0 length 19599544 Found OSK0 @ 0x115fb45 Found OSK1 @ 0x115fb7d Found SRVR @ 0x11a53e6 Patching vmwarebase is not supported on this platform Setting permissions... Creating darwin.tgz... bin/ bin/vmx bin/vmx-debug bin/vmx-stats addr: 0, sz: 10439724, flags: 5 addr: 0x9f7094, sz: 2206732, flags: 6 bin/vmx: textPgs: 2548, fixUpPgs: 0 Aligning executable bin/vmx addr: 0, sz: 11664156, flags: 5 addr: 0xb217b4, sz: 2242540, flags: 6 bin/vmx-debug: textPgs: 2847, fixUpPgs: 0 Aligning executable bin/vmx-debug addr: 0, sz: 10573180, flags: 5 addr: 0xa1768c, sz: 2371892, flags: 6 bin/vmx-stats: textPgs: 2581, fixUpPgs: 0 Aligning executable bin/vmx-stats Adding darwin.tgz to boot.cfg... Acquiring lock /tmp/bootbank.lck Copying darwin.vgz to /bootbank/darwin.vgz Editing /bootbank/boot.cfg to add module darwin.vgz Please now reboot the host system! "Patching vmwarebase is not supported on this platform" this is my problem i think becouse I got the same problem on VM Workstation on my Win 7 x64 OS. When i managed to patch this file my OSX started to work. Can some one help me whit this problem? And secound question I got my ESXi on the Supermicro PDSMI+ Mother Board. It got two sepered intel chips for the LAN: 82573V and 82573L. The problem is that the ESXi 5.1 is not working properli whit it. But the VMware HCL says that it is compatible whit it. I read somewher that the 5.0 works grate whit 82573V and 82573L. How I can change the drivers in the 5.1?