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    G73SW - 10.9 Install

    Thank you for the help I've tried the battery trick it twice but no joy yet. It did something though: Usb2 hard drives now work on the Usb3 plug. However the Usb3 hard drive powers on, but does not show, not even in disk utility. It does work plugged on the Usb2 plugs. In Windows, Usb3 works properly. Weird. What works: sleep, function keys, display brightness, sound, microphone/headphones, wireless, Usb2. What does not work: Usb3, bluetooth, keyboard backlight and ethernet. (Keyboard backlight and ethernet don't work in windows either; recently I made the mistake of replacing the motherboard with a used one, and lost them as a result...). I'm still trying to get the trackpad gestures to work—need to go over it again to make sure I;ve done it right. Not wrking at the moment. I have standard bios 205, using the WithoutPMpatched kext that Jeff provided. Should I switch to his bios?
  2. hadronfly

    G73SW - 10.9 Install

    Thank you Ellnic, that did the trick! It's booting nicely now. I've just landed abroad from a long flight and as soon as I can I will go through stuff and see if/what's not working properly. But for now, I've got wireless (using a wireless card from a Mac), sound, usb. Usb 3 isn't working, though it's powering up devices.
  3. hadronfly

    G73SW - 10.9 Install

    With verbose mode on, it's stuck on "Still waiting for root device".
  4. hadronfly

    G73SW - 10.9 Install

    Hi All, newbie here. I've successfully installed 10.9 on my g73sw following this guide. Many thanks for that. My issue is, it only works as an external drive. During install, if I placed the hard drive in the Sata slot, the OS X installer would not recognize it at all. So I've done the install using an external USB drive, and it all worked well, and boots from Usb without problem. I've tried placing the HD in the Sata slot in the laptop, but it won't boot - a bit after the hackintosh screen comes on, it stops with a block sign. I know the Sata board works, as I have a working Windows on the second hard drive slot. Any suggestion as to what I should look into?