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  1. Rebuilding the kext cache from the terminal in the installation disc seemed to have solved the problem. It looks like I have a working hackintosh Thanks guys!
  2. GTX 460m colors are off

    Woohoo! Thanks! This is really weird. All of the 3 profiles made it look better. Its like the active profile wasn't any of them, just a ****ed up one...
  3. Hi, I just installed ML on my Asus G53SW, and its almost working great. I have a weird problem. Some of the colors (I think textures with alpha) seem to be inverted / flipped channels : I installed to the latest NVIDIA drivers (released october 2) but this didn't solve the issue. I have no idea why this is happening. My windows partition is working fine in terms of colors. Does anyone have any ideas? I couldn't find the symptom anywhere... Thanks!
  4. Problem : I also needed to remove AppleHDA.kext, which I did with the same method. It worked, but after a reboot it reappeared. Any ideas why and how I can stop this for next time?
  5. Hi, I was able to use the "kext utility" from safe mode to update the step1 kexts from the thread I linked to, and it boots! I also installed the atheros kexts and now I have wifi, so I'm posting from the hackintosh! Thanks for the help guys. Next missions : Get audio working, and fix red<->green color inverting in images (WTF!?!)
  6. Ok... A bit more progress : This thread ( http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/281404-asus-g53sw-mountain-lion-quick-setup/ ) does give an alternative kext for the one that is crashing for me. The question is - how do I install it? They list macdrive (Which isn't working for me) or an existing installation. Can I use my safe-mode boot to do this? Couldn't find a definitive answer? (TL;DR : How do I replace a kext when starting OSX in safe mode?)
  7. Since Windows 7 is my main (first) partition, if I install chameleon on Mac it doesn't pop up in the boot menu. Googling a bit told me that -x is safe mode, which makes sense that it would change things when booting up. I'm beginning to think that since the USB stick is an installation USB, it automatically adds -x when booting, which is what causes the mac to boot from it. However, I can boot into safe mode, which is a plus.
  8. Hi, here it is : Looks like AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement. Also, another thing I found out : If I use the flags -v -c -x then it boots successfully. But I'm not 100% sure what they mean, and I think its better to get it to a cleanly booting state...
  9. (Dunno if this belongs in the install forum or post-install forum. If this is the wrong one, please move) Hi, I have an Asus G53SW laptop and I installed Mountain Lion alongside Windows 7 from a premade USB image. The installation went smoothly. Afterwards I ran the windows recovery tool to recover my MBR and that went well as well. I got to a point where : A - Windows loads clean (so no damage done) B - I can start both windows and ML from the USB stick loader So, I'm looking to get the 3rd and final part : loading ML without the USB stick. I have tried a few things and all of them failed : - Install chameleon from the windows app (reboots immediately) - Follow various tboot / chain0 methods of editing the windows BMR with bcdedit.exe (always get MBR errors about files being corrupt or not existing) - Downloaded an ISO of chameleon (r2069), used EasyBCD to add the ISO as a boot option. Chameleon loads fine, get kernel panic when I try to load Mac OSX. The weird thing is that after all of the attempts, it still works when I boot to it from the USB stick, so it feels like the installation did work. Does anyone have any ideas on what I could try / where I should look to find out where the problem is? Thanks!