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  1. First post here - Hi to all! I found this thread while searching for a resolution problem on a u100 hackintosh and I can't believe that my R61 could run ML. I knew that the 140m was not supported by sl and had given up the hope to install it on my old R61 (which I still use with Chakra Linux). I think of replacing the ultrabay dvd with a sata drive to install ML and my wifi with an atheros ar5b93. Since I intend to use it seriously I would like to know how stable ML is running on the R61. If somebody could share this information with me it would be great. Another question would be DSDT patching. Do you think it's worth to invest time for a patched DSDT? I read somewhere that BIOS VT should be disabled for ML. I would prefer to keep it (for my linux box). Thanks for feedback