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  1. jsz0

    AFP coming to iPhone?

    Interesting find. Makes sense since iPhone OS 3.0 is going to have Bonjour. Since Apple is exposing it in the OS we can assume file sharing and/or wireless syncing is on the way. (iTunes 9?)
  2. jsz0

    Snow leopard about to be released

    Zero chance of a 3-24 release. It would have to be in final RC stages or even RTM now to make that date. Impossible. What's more likely is they will unveil new features, perhaps the new visual design, on the 24th and announced a release date for later this year.
  3. Thanks, I'll give it a try. If you close your lid and re-open it do you get graphics corruption? This was the major problem I was running into with the 8430 in the past.
  4. ATI. Just the built in display (for now) terabyte: Would you be so kind as to post the ATIinject.kext for the 8430 with the EDID already interested? I might just be interesting it wrong. (used PList Editor, put it into the LVDS key)
  5. Sure, Motherboard is a Tyan S2692 with a pair of LV (low power) Xeons Video is an E-VGA 8800GTS 320MB using GFX string 4GB FB-DIMMS (2x2GB) BIOS settings are pretty much stock. I don't remember changing anything too important. The nice thing about this board is not only does sleep work but it will wakeup via key/mouse event which is something I could never get working on my previous hackintosh (had to use the power button) It's been pretty much flawless. I want to replace the video card with something cooler. The 8800GTS is just too much of a power hog. I used JAS 10.5.4 and then updated to 10.5.5
  6. I have an NC8430... I put the EDID in but I end up with a black screen. If I hit the lid close button I see a blue screen (no mouse cursor) Any ideas?
  7. I just built an octo-core OSX86 box. Tyan S2692 + two low voltage Xeons. Everything works perfectly. LAN + sound + sleep. Using JaS 10.5.4 updated to 10.5.5 The S2692 is fairly cheap these days since it's based on the older 5000X -- it's a great choice for an affordable, hassle free, OSX86 workstation. I'm really impressed with the low voltage Xeons. Full load, doing video encoding for 2 hours, and the heatsinks are cool to the touch. I haven't had a chance to hookup my Kill-A-Watt yet but I suspect this box is actually lower power than my previous quad core system by a decent margin. Primarily I'm using this setup for Logic. I've yet to run into a single CPU limitation. Disk IO is definitely my limiting factor now. Video encodes are insanely fast. About 5 minutes for a 350MB file to h264 "Go Nuts" in VisualHub.
  8. How is this board working out for you? I just bought the same model. LAN works? Have you tried sleep? I got a par of LV Xeons cheap, 50W TDP each. I'm going from a Quad core and I'm calculating my power usage is going to actually go down.
  9. Anyone had luck fixing the graphics corruption problems with the x1650?
  10. Try doing a "Detect Displays" in the Displays System Preferences app. In my case it only happens using EFI graphic strings with my 8800GTS. Doesn't seem to happen with NVinject.
  11. I did. In that case it will sleep but not wake-up. I'll play around with it some more this weekend. Thanks for the suggestion.
  12. Has anyone else noticed that sleep on this board doesn't actually do much to save power? To test this I connected a Kill-A-Watt to my computer. (displays on their own power strip, not measured for this test) After successfully entering sleep mode power usage only drops about 15% Can someone else with a similar setup and a Kill-A-Watt (or similar device) confirm this? Perhaps there's something in my setup preventing sleep mode from fully kicking in? Or is this a limitation of S1 sleep?
  13. So I found out over the weekend you cannot replace the wifi card in the NC8430. If you use an "unapproved" card the system will halt at POST with the error of "Unsupported wireless card detected. System halted" When did PC makers start becoming such control freaks? I can only use hardware on a blessed white list? What the {censored}?
  14. Couple of updates on my progress with the nc8430 (using Kalaway) Installed 10.5.2 Kalaway Safe Update. Slowed down boot time considerably. IOKit timeouts in DMESG. ~1M hang at blue screen after initial boot, before desktop. Installed latest (9.2) kernel from Netkas Installed AppleSMBIOS.kext version 1.0.13 ****Had to downgrade, couldn't mount USB storage devices **** Installed Leopard Graphics update Installed modified PowerManagement.bundle for battery status Attempted to use EFI GFX strings (using string from MBP x1600 dumps) Got a black screen on boot. Switched back to ATIinject method. (was hoping GFX strings might fix sleep somehow) Deleted unused kexts in an attempt to improve boot times /w 10.5.2 update (didn't work) Stability is excellent so far. Unsuccessful solutions for sleep so far: Tried hibernatemode 0 & 3 (sudo pmset -a hibernatemode 0 hibernatefile /dev/null) Tried setting TTYSPreventSleep to 0 in com.apple.PowerManagement.plist Unchecked all wake from sleep options (wake on lan, power button wakes computer, etc) Disabled wake-on-lan options in BIOS Disabled USB legacy support in BIOS Tried pmset lidwake 0 and using the power button to wake from sleep Installed InsomniaX to prevent sleep on lid close -- still corrupts graphics when lid is opened.
  15. jsz0

    Will My Lappy Run Leopard?

    Haven't heard of the SiS163u wifi working but there's an easy solution... just swap it out for a compatible card. It's easy to replace wifi cards in most laptops.