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    A number of years ago I tested/posted about a number of Dell Optiplex machines, however the last couple of years have been very busy and my account was purged. (New account, old user) Recently, I've been interested in setting up a hackintosh or two, which led me back here. I just spent the last 30 minutes or so informally working on a database to sort through what's scattered throughout the wiki. I find it much easier to get a handle on what's available/best if it's layed out nicely. (I normally use a spreadsheet, but I wanted to test some database tools I downloaded). When building a database or data structure, the first thing you do is choose a list of categories of information. This is obviously more rigid that what you're talking about here, simply because databases are far more structured than wikis. As I was adding fields to the database, certain patterns stood out and the benefits of using a database began to become more and more obvious. I wanted to share some of what I'd noticed and see if anyone else was working on better organizing the information, which led me to this thread. The above is why I'm here. Then I read this: All too often, I see great websites/companies/moments lose track of their primary objective and go to {censored}. I'm asking the following questions because I'm no longer sure what the answers are... What is the primary objective of this site? Is the primary objective to be a repository of what works and how it was made to work (a guide)? Is the primary objective to provide a place for the hackintosh community to collaborate on stuff (a community)? If so, how open/diverse a community? Are newbies welcome? [*]Is the primary objective something else entirely? As I stated above, I strongly believe in sharing information. If I am able, I am generally more than willing to help. If you're trying to provide the best resource, and you start purging information because it mentions a freeware utility whose developer you have problems with, you've made the site LESS useful. Seriously, one of the biggest issues is a lack of organized hackintosh compatibility information... And yes, my opinion is that trying to profit hackintosh stuff is scummy and further that tonymac is a douche-bag. Which is why I'm on this forum and not that forum. However, I'm not such a complete zealot that I'm going to make my life harder due to him. My spare time is limited and valuable. I'm not going to waste it piecing stuff together manually, when I can download a packaged utility, whether it was written by a douchebag or not. Personally, I have major problems with Sony. However, that doesn't mean that I refuse to help people with Sony hardware. It doesn't mean think it's ok to remove any reference to Sony from everything I deal with. I'm angry with Sony, not people with Sony stuff or Sony products. In fact, while I refuse to do business with Sony, my TV is a Sony I bought at a yard sale. Banning discussions of commercial software or links to profit-oriented websites is a principled stand. When you single people out, it's a personal vendetta. If you're planning on dumping every post that mentions M****Beast, you're going to remove a ton of what makes this site worth coming to. Of course, since the world is full of douchebags, I'd wonder what you'd decide to purge next... Microsoft products? Adobe products? The bottom line is, if there's a witch hunt about to begin, you can do that without my help. Addendum: I suppose it really boils down to a single question... What is more important to you, being pure (purging everything tonymac) or doing the best to help others (build a hackintosh/install OSX on non-Apple hardware)? I'm definitely more interested in helping people.