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  1. For me it is mandatory because I boot between Mac OS Mojave and Catalina. Without max and min kernel my rig isn't booting at all. If you are booting only Mac OS Catalina only I fully agree that you can leave this blank. Thread name" help installing Mojave on Xeon-W2175..........."
  2. I will test the 1202 DSDT in OC 0.5.5 with 3003 bios now.
  3. Ok. I will test myself a little bit more. I'm still having a discussion with ASUS about the Bios 3003 and the locked MSR 0xE2 register. I still think this could be the culprit at least in our case.
  4. Are you running Mac Pro7,1 SMBIO:s? And if so is it the same behaviour with iMac Pro1,1 SMBIO:s?
  5. Sorry if I'am a little bit confused but are you saying that you actually can boot (in to black screen) in verbose mode with 3003 bios? And if so have you checked if you can connect remotely from another Mac or Pc?
  6. Your config.plist is not the nicest I've seen so I think you need to sit down and read the documents carefully again. Mandatory is to fill in MaxKernel and MinKernel under every added kext "Kernel --> Add". You should use HfsPlus.efi instead of VBoxHfs.efi otherwise you can't boot to recovery. Normally you just need ApfsDriverLoader.efi,FwRuntimeServices.efi,HfsPlus.efi and VirtualSmc.efi to boot. Try this EFI (just put in your serial first) skyflying5-oc0.zip
  7. Can you download your EFI (without serial)
  8. obus

    [release] macOS Catalina 10.15.2

    Hi @Andrey1970 What is the solution for the problem with Mac Pro7,1 no Memory tab in System Preferences, if you use generic SMBIOS in OC?
  9. Ok. Now I have a new entry in bios. CFG Lock set as disabled as default. (defined in bios as "Configure MSR 0xE2 (15), CFG Lock bit). This is a good progress but unfortunately I still can't boot with that firmware.. If I check VerifyMsrE2.efi from shell with debug version of OC the result is still a locked MSR 0xE2 register. This regardless of CFG Lock in bios is set to disabled. Any further ideas? Setup.text Setup.bin
  10. Right this Settings is visible in bios but it is only for MSR 3Ah,MSR 0E2h and CSR 80h. " This would also explain why modifying those values in the NVRAM directly would have zero effect if they're not actually used. Showing them won't make any difference because they're modifying variables that the firmware isn't looking at" That sounds plausible too because the MSR 0xE2 register was still locked after trying to modify the values in NVRAM. This is unfortunately way above my head but I'm prepared to test what ever I need. I can always use the flashback utility if I brick the board with a faulty flash (hopefully). So if you have any suggestions I will try.
  11. No not really. I want to try to unhide the MSR Lock Control settings in firmware so we can set it manually in bios settings. The problem is that I'm not sure how to acchive it yet. I need more help from @eritius regarding which hex I should use and how to find/edit them in hex editor.
  12. Ok. In attached extracted *.bin file I have both CFG Lock, MSR Lock Control and Package Power Limit MSR Lock. The first one (CFG Lock) is Enabled/locked (0x1). The second one (MSR Lock Control) is 0x15 which is unfamiliar for me. This is the same as you changed in your firmware if I understand you correctely. But you changed it from 0x1 --> 0x0 and not from 0x15?. The third one (Package Power Limit MSR Lock) is enabled/locked (0x1) like the CFG Lock. Now to the "one hundred thousand dollar question" which one (s) should I change? Any ideas 3003.text
  13. I have tried to do what you are suggesting Trying to follow some old guide from PikerAlpha with no success. Could you elaborate a little further and maybe give me some guidance or tips of where I can find a guide? I'am quite sure there is a hidden entry in the firmware , I just need to learn how to unhide it.
  14. Tested that with no success (https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/successfully-patched-z170x-ud5-th-cfg-lock-msr-ex02.253466/page-10).. Any input?