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  1. Ok @fabiosun I will test a little bit more as you sad and see if I can fine-tune the system even more. Thank's again for your support. Ps. I checked the plugin-type and deleted FakeCpuid but that gave me Kp after preboot.
  2. I think it is 1538 so I will try that. Of course I'm stupid. I've just made a dump one hour ago. Cheers yapan4
  3. I need to know my own id but where can I find this when my Nic isn't discovered and I have not installed Windows yet. Any ideas?
  4. Hey @yapan4 I can't find that kext in system/library/extension. Is it a plugin somewhere els?
  5. What I meant was that the input "sysctl -n machdep.xcpm.mode" in terminal gave me the answer 1. By that I draw the conclusion that native powermanagment was working. Is that correct?
  6. If understand it correctly you need to uncheck or if installed remove RC-scripts in clover to let AptioMemoryFix working. Just for information because I installed it from the beginning and my native NVRAM just didn't work.
  7. I can't for the moment not point out any task or situation that have make problems with a locked msr0xE2 register. The only reason is that I want as little as possible in my config.plist/kextfolder. So if you can and want to put your time to help me with that I should be very pleased. Another thing is my config.plist. I now now that for the moment FakeCpuid and "PM" respectively "xcpm_program_msrs (c) Pike R. Alpha" patch is mandatory. But everything else is maybe not needed. Could you have a check? Last question is still my Intel I210-AT Nic:s. Do you know any working solution for them? config.plist
  8. But now I need to have FakeCpuid 0x040674 otherwise I can't boot? So you mean I can drop that as long as I have checked plugin-type? sysctl -n machdep.xcpm.mode=1 so native powermanagment is working then?
  9. Ok @joedm ru My native NVRAM is working fine with AptioMemoryFix.kext irrespective if 4G is enabled or disabled.
  10. @fabiosun Is it possible to get native powermanagment without patching bios? According to KGP:s site he achieved that thru patching bios. ssdtPRGen.sh-Beta isn't working because Pike R. Alpha has stopped updating as I understand it.
  11. The answer after reboot is "zzz" so my conclusion is that NVRAM is working on my rig with AptioMemoryFix.kext (R16). 4G decoding is on/enabled in bios
  12. I've read your post but I'm still not sure what you want from me. Is it if native NVRAM is working with AptioMemoryFix?