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  1. i would still be interested in one or two rear i/o plates !
  2. more photos will come but right now the project is on ice. i got no money to spend for new cables 'n {censored}...
  3. it depends on what ethernet jack you have. then type "ethernet pinout a" or "ethernet pinout b" into google searchbar and click on images
  4. thx for PM ! i will probably create my own design ... if it fits and works i'll improve the design, if it doesnt work i'll take your design i calculated costs for one plate: about 25€ without cables....but its not lab manufactored
  5. what exact parts do you use? cant find fitting audio ports oO
  6. where do you get the connecters from ( usb, ethernet audio etc) ? cant find a good website to order from oO
  7. havent figured out where to upload more pics coming soon as i did some cutting to the rear panel and assembling the dvd drive and HDD cage
  8. 50$ is way too much, sry dude. also 0,8" (2,035cm) are too wide. it would have to be like 0,75" or less. so i think i'm gonna build one myself. would you mind i'll take your files and change them to fit my needs? i'm also thinking of selling them in europe so shippingcosts would be low here in europe. but i cant tell now cause i have to calculate the costs. could you give the exact dimension of USB, audio and ethernet (w,h,l)
  9. hey guys, so here is my G5 Casemod. About a year i had the idea to install osx on my PC. 4 weeks ago i finally bought my new PC and assembled it together. OSX 10.8.2 is running smooth on my system. My System: Apple OS X Mountain Lion 1.8.2 http://itunes.apple.....512?ls=1&mt=12 MB: Gigabyte Ga H77M D3H (mATX cause of casemodding a G5) CPU: Intel Core i5 3450 GPU: Gainward GTX 560 (nonti) (natively supported !! no extra kexts !) RAM: Kingston Value Ram 16GB 1333MHz (4x4 GB) CD/DVD: cheap Samsung CD/DVD burner PSU: Cougar 450W Already Owned: HDD: Seagate Barracuda 250 GB Monitor: Acer 22" TFT LCD Mouse + Keyboard: Logitech Mouse + Apple Keyboard at the same time i bought an old power mac G5 case on ebay. it was broken (cpu). i read a lot here about casemodding a G5 and where the difficulties are. I decided to go the hard way and let this beautiful case his clean look that meant i had do solder a lot with ab bit of cutting and gluing. For the additional cables for USB, Audio and Ethernet i used my old case. it had plenty of it this is what i am modding and this is the case after disassembling some parts were hard to remove ! i like how apple thought about the airflow in this case. maybe i can reuse some of the metalplates to get a better airflow. "unboxing" the PSU i will reuse the old plug and wire it to my PC PSU this is where you have to solder the audio out cables and this is the soldering position for the 2 USB ports the soldering station i used prepaired cables right before i soldered them. audio and Usb soldering points (not marked yet) thats where the problems startet. audio is bit too quiet... i guess its the soldering. i didnt do it right. the USB ports dont work at all. but a big goal was that ethernet worked 100%. i have 32.000er DSL and the tested speed through the soldered Ethernet was 29.000er and upload 1000. good enough i also costumized the PSU. i was fitting it into the Mac's PSU case. I cut the PSU plug and reused it for my PC PSU. works just fine ! aaand then testing the soldered PSU with my old Core 2 Duo and my 9600 GT. i also rewired the apple original PSU fans (carefull: they are loud) just solder the black cable to the red wire of the connecter and black to red connector cable. they are cooling the PSU quiet good at least i soldered the front I/O cables after a scetch i found here on tonymac. just cant find it right now. problem was that the cablenumbers on the sketch were different to mine. but i just had to change 2 pins and the power button and the LED worked. this is the "final" prototype of my running system this evening. i tested all components and they work. now i have to build in HDD cage, dvd drive and my (hopefully) better soldered rear panel I/O. the next day. i bought glue to glue the original mobo mountings to the back of the case. this costs 8,50€ and is epoxy-2-components glue which is mixing automaticly. This is a close look on how i glued the pins onto the case after waiting for about 90min (30min blow drying cause the glue is stronger when its drying at about 40-70°C) i glued the rear I/O plate in its right position this is how the rear I/O looks. nice and clean without any cutting
  10. incl shipping (to europe, germany) about 30 $ ?! :wink2:
  11. i would like to have one! if its cheap enough ... if not i'll probably build one board for myself.
  12. Smi

    G5 Front Panel to ATX I/O Cables

    i would like to have a front I/O cable too
  13. Smi

    Frage bzl. G5 Casemod

    hey, es würde dir glaub ich ungemein helfen einfach auf englisch zu schreiben. dennoch kann ich dir meinen aktuellen thread auf tonymacx86 ans herz legen. dort habe ich eine anleitung geschrieben die mit bilder illustriert ist. darunter findest du auch wie ich mein ATX netzteil in das original netzteilgehäuse des macs eingebaut hab. als vorraussetzung solltest du jedoch einen guten lötkolben bzw eine lötstation besitzen und dich auch trauen an deiner hardware herumzulöten. http://www.tonymacx86.com/case-mods/75581-another-power-mac-g5-casemod-no-cutting.html#post469237 grüße