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  1. Patching AppleHDA without Windows

    The Kexts aren't working, and Verboose Boot throws many errors regarding AppleHDA. I included the standard "layout-id" with 0x0c in my DSDT.aml under HDEF, and after using these Kexts it didn't even recognize as much as it did before. Is there no way to convert the dumps to something usable to patch the AppleHDA?
  2. I tried to patch the 10.6.8 AppleHDA for my Audio Codec, the ALC 269. But I ran into trouble. I was able to get the Linux Codec Dump as well as the VoodooHDAHelper dump file. But I'm not able to get the Windows Pin Configs, since I don't own a copy. Can I patch the AppleHDA with the 2 other Dumps only? And how do I convert them to the matching format? card0-codec#0.txt codec_dump.txt
  3. Just wanted to report back if someone else has this problem - after trying it on a 64 Bit machine, it worked. But I had to import the 2 missing files which were shown in red. You can find them in source version 40.
  4. Add Brightness Keys to DSDT?

    I read around for some time on how to add Keyboard Keys of my HP Mini to the DSDT, so OS X can use them. Yet I only found 2 or 3 people saying that they were able to add the Brightness Keys, but I can't find any information or code snippet! I already have an fully working DSDT for my machine, but how to find out the Mapping and what code to add?
  5. The settings are set for i386, x86_64 - and it reads "My Mac 32-Bit" near the Run and Stop button. I also added the in red written missing .c and .h files, which I found in older source versions. Could it be that I need to use the Xcode version for 10.7.4, since thats the version of IONDRV that I want to compile. Edit: I can only boot 32-Bit, since I have the first MacBook Air from early 2008 (MBA1,1).
  6. It compiles, but throws errors without an end... 121 on IONRDVSupport, and 5 on IOGraphicsFamily. How come Apples own source code doesn't compile? I checked the Developer Library, but the only info on compiling their sources is for the XNU. And I can't event add the missing file "IOGraphicsPrivate", even though I have the original in the IOKIT/graphics folder. And if it compiles in 2 seconds without an error, the names under the "products" folder are red: Untitled.tiff
  7. Thakns for replying, but it still only reads "Build succeeded", and won't give out any files. I have the project on my doesktop. Should I put it the folder somewehere else?
  8. There is no need to fix those errors They occur because your Xcode misses cxxfilt, dtrace, kext-tools and bootstrap-cmds. The Headers aren't needed, it compiles just fine (Build succeeded, yet the kext is missing). And since I want to compile for Lion 10.7.4 (IOGraphics-409 are for 10.7.4), I would like to know where I change the mode?
  9. Here they are: The Original untouched Source, and the Modded Source. I only changed one line of code in the modded. Both won't compile for me, no matter if they are modded or original: IOGraphics.zip
  10. I did find the settings in my prohect, thanks to your picture. But the only options are these: Default, Deployment, Development. The only one which does something is development, and that only gives me a .kext with nothing more than a .plist file... Default and Deployment don't give out anything. I did not change the project, I just tried to build it. I'm quite new to Xcode, could I have missed something else? The files I use are these: http://opensource.apple.com/source/IOGraphics/IOGraphics-409/ and I build with Xcode 4.3.3.
  11. Where do I find this setting? Under Product I found Build for, but nothing of that helps. Is it found when I double Klick the xcodeproj file in the Sidebar?
  12. I tried to test Xcode by compiling the IOGraphics source from opensource.apple.com, but it isn't working out? I have installed dtrace, kext-tools, bootstrap and cxxfilt, I didn't mod the source, and it always says "Build succeeded". Yet the compiled Kexts are not to be found on the HDD! I found the output directory inside the Xcode.app, but the Build folder was empty? Could someone explain what I missed?