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  1. Is a Chameleon Issue, the only solution is to use Clover. Any help to configure Clover is appreciate! http://forge.voodooprojects.org/p/chameleon/issues/305/
  2. Yes for me too, in Activity Monitor only 3,25 ram. Tonio?? Hacking K56CM = NEVERENDING STORY Lejenk, maybe the DSDT you made for Tonio is for only 4 GB ram?? Can be the problem?? I found a topic saying to install CLOVER to solve ram problems. But i don't know how use Clover.
  3. non saprei, io non lo uso proprio
  4. usa solo MBR o non ti vede il disco all'avvio
  5. For mee too, no sound after standby. (I used the DSDT patched for Tonio, it seems to work correctly for mee too)
  6. ho spiegato nella guida cosa fare dopo aver aggiornato
  7. we have to try some files for FN hotkeys. I know the instruction are in iowmifamily.kext ps: for the lack of the 3 fingers and problems with moving windows I suggest you download fleliglass from AppleStore, is to buy but very nice Lejenk has apple store not working
  8. I found a way to acces the apple store. We need to combine efi strings of hd4000 and ethernet (to find ethernet one use efi studio). To combine the 2 efi strings we can use osx86tools. The result must be used in boot.plist instead of the single hd4000 string. The only ethernet efi string must be copied with efi studio in com.apple.Boot.plist ( /library/preferences/SystemConfiguration )
  9. Nothing about hotkey my friends?
  10. ok trackpad is ok, only a minor glitch when i try to "duobleclick+hold+movewindows" ops, sorry if i'm wrong. I just wanted to share the news that we are receiving a new kext for the 3 fingers soon. Any suggestion to make FN hotkey works?? Actually i found "pause-interr" is the only shortcut that works (brightness up). Also works FN+F1= SLEEP but all the others hotkey aren't working now
  11. but you have 3 fingers works?
  12. Tonio! Try with this! With Elan Beta v4 i have trackpad enabled in system preferencies, but it don't work, there are a lot of glitches, for you too? SSDT.zip
  13. BUAHAAHA Touchpad Works!! Incredible! Tonio, you got 3 finger also??
  14. Yes, using the first SSDT from Lejenk I score in Geekbench 32bit: 6591 Before, using the last SSDT from Lejenk I score: 4950 Now I try toucpad
  15. yes me too x28 instead of x30 (but it's ok for me, i hope it steps up to x28 when in full load) I'm trying the first SSDT from Lejenk (with smsbios 8,1) it seems to work better during benchmark! Is possible, Lejenk? Another question: with my original macbook I use smc fan control. I tryed with my hackbook and the program simply doesn't start. There is a way to control fans in an hackintosh?