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  1. I have a e1505 with a core duo 1.86ghz processor and have installed iatkos v1.0 on it. When i installed it, I choose all of the efi patches and installed the efi bootloader, now when I go to install the official apple updates, they install fine but then when I restart, I get kernal panic. Am I doing something wrong here? oh and I think I have MBR partitioning as well. Any solutions? Guides somewhere?
  2. Where did you get the bios editor from? I will try to use it if you give me a link
  3. what do I do to get this card working?

    Ok never mind about the resolution change but is there any way to get the s-video working so I can use this thing as a tv media rig? By the way quarts still isnt enabled
  4. Hi I know this is kind of an old topic but was there any support for a gforce fx-5500 128mb pci full rezolution and Qi/CE in Tiger 10.4.7? I cant update it because of my internet. Its got a dvi output and an s-video if that helps at all. the rig its in is a gateway with: Intel Pentium 4 1.9ghz (as reported in os x) sse, sse2 1 gig ram 2x 80 gig hard drives nvidia fx-5500 128mb pci Any help out there?
  5. Dell Wireless Problems

    Ok I take that back. It works without any patches which i installed. So the only problem I have is the x1400
  6. Dell Wireless Problems

    Hi I have a dell e1505 and i just replaced my old intel 4965 with a new dell 1500 draft n card. Well, I have been reading through all kinds of posts that have had people with out of the box support for this card and guess what, MINE DOESNT WORK!!! no matter how much patching i do nothing works at all! Is there something I am not doing or is there something I have to install? please help. oh and I am running iatkos 1.0b.
  7. Hey I just got the Famed for working dell 1500 draft n card and guess what? IT DOESNT WORK!!!! I reinstalled leopard and installed a bunch of wireless fixes and stuff and nothing works!!!! did i waste my money or is there a fix?
  8. Hi I have installed Iatkos 1.0 on my 6400 and I have only 1 problem. Everyone says the 1500 wireless works out of the box, well, it didnt for me!!!! what do I have to do? I just replaced my 4965 with it because thats what I saw people said to get and now come to find this doesnt work. Any suggestions out there? please?
  9. Yes I chose the rite resolution. My monitor is a 1280x800 display. This is the only thing that doesnt work in leopard. otherwise I have everything but sleep workin. more thoughts?
  10. Ok so I tried the solution for 1280x800 rez on the first page for the x1400 and guess what, still at 1024x768. Is there any solution for this at all out there? I already have quarts enabled and nothing works. Is there anything at all? also I edited the info.plist.
  11. I installed the x1400 driver and I had quarts enabled but couldnt see the taskbar because my background was black. However, it did not change the resolution to 1280x800. Thoughts?
  12. Hey Will this make my x1400 work in 1280x800? I have a dell e1505 x1400, 2 gig ram, intel 4965, sigmatel audio, iatkos 1.0b. I have quarts enabled but all I need is the rezolution fix. any help out there for changing the resolution in any way at all???
  13. JAS! I am 1 of your biggest fans!! I would love to help you with testing the new 10.5.2! the only problem is that I have an ati radeon x1400 and intel 4965 wireless which would take some serious patching. but all my other hardware is workin great and rady for your release!
  14. Dell E1505 Users...

    Thanks for the reply. I still need to know how to boot Iatkos. can i get help with that 1 last thing?
  15. Dell E1505 Users...

    my friend installed iatkos on his dell vostro with a 1390 wireless with no patches and his wireless worked flawlessly. i need to figure out how to boot iatkos and then i can test my hardware. could somebody help me with boot?