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  1. Can anybody please help me choose the correct frame buffer in Yosemite for mobility Radeon HD 6470M (0x67601002). It is supported by the OS X. I currently have a working system but no graphics acceleration with SMBIOS iMac 12.1. My previous post has the Clover config.plist. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Best regards, Djuby
  2. OK. I removed the FakeID. When I enable LoadVBIOS i get a blank screen (the LCD is lit but blank and the system is running). Which is a connector issue. Can you please help me with patching the connectors. Edit: The ID 0x67601002 is supported by OS X. It is present in AMD6000Controller.kext, AMDRadeonX3000.kext. Edit: I can see that only AMD6000Controller.kext, AMDRadeonX3000.kext and AMDSupport.kext are loaded. AMDFramebuffer.kext is not loaded.
  3. Hi Slice, I'm trying to patch ATI Radeon HD 6470M (Device ID 0x67601002) with clover to enable graphics acceleration in Yosemite using your guide, but so far I'm not very successful. Please let me know if you can help me. I am absolutely ready to try any suggestions. The laptop is Sony VAIO VPCCA4S1E. I've attached the frame buffers extracted from the AMD6000Controller.kext and the Video BIOS dump showing the available connectors. I'm also using the latest version of the Clover boot loader. My current configuration is: Inject ATI=Yes FakeID=0x67601002 InjectEDID=Yes (with custom EDID) PatchVBIOS=Yes Dual Link=1 FB Name=Hydrilla Video Ports=5 Best regards, Djuby 1002.6760.8001.0200.vga.rom.decoded.txt Framebuffers.rtf config.plist.txt
  4. Hi guys, Like shameersyd, I also have the same ultrabook and trying to install 10.8 on it. So far I was able to install it using UBeast method (no DSDT) and as of now I am stuck finding the correct audio kext to get the audio working. Supposedly its ALC3620. I'm not sure if it's supported in OS X. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated. Best regards, Djuby